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We’re Relishing The Beauty of Craze Clown & Jojo’s Traditional Wedding



Celebrating love never goes out of style and so you can absolutely trust us, to always remain in fashion! 😉 Today, we get to relive all the beautiful moments from #EmJo2021 with their official wedding photos!

Popular comedian, Emmanuel Ikwueze popularly known as Craze Clown, and his beautiful wife, Jojo had their traditional wedding a few weeks back and it was truly amazing.  We got to swoon over all the exciting moments from their special day, and now, we’ve got official photos from their wedding to completely make our day! Their Edo-Igbo traditional wedding was so many shades of beautiful. They had the love of family, friends, and colleagues on the entertainment scene as they sealed their love the traditional way. You surely want to take in all the beauty from their special day.

Enjoy their wedding photos below.

Let’s also check out the dapper groom,!

Every couple needs a lot squad and Craze Clown and Jojo were certainly not lacking!

Let’s get this party started!

To the second look of the day, Jojo and Craze Clown were absolutely ready to slay!

Aww! The moment they got a surprise car gift! 😍

It’s celebration galore!



Bride: @jojowigs
Groom: @crazeclown
Photography & Videography: @wrgoimagery
Planner: @aarinksol



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