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Make this Festive Period a Memorable One for your Loved Ones | Check out these Gift Ideas by Remita



The end-of-year festivities come with a lot of merriment and celebration. As friends and family relax and are taken kia-of, there is usually a lot to eat and drink, a lot of games and all shades of relaxation. It’s indeed a time to merry!

It is also a great time to give gifts no matter how small to your loved ones and others who have contributed to your journey in their own different ways in the passing year. This is to acknowledge and thank them for sticking with you throughout the year.

But the struggle is always their what’s the perfect within-budget gift to get for them? The truth is: a gift is appreciated not usually by how small or big it is, but by the thoughts behind it. So you really don’t have to break a bank to do so this December.

Here are some unique gift ideas you can explore for your friends and family this season:

A Spa Treatment
After working long hours throughout the year, your loved ones deserve a spa day. Gifting that special person a session of relaxation and pampering would be a great way to crown the year. And trust me, it does not cost an arm and a leg.

Share love with Remita
Not the usual kind of gift and this is what makes it special!
Buy them electricity tokens, data, airtime, and renew their Cable TV subscription on Remita. Truly, such simple yet thoughtful gifts would bring a smile to their faces. Visit on your mobile or web browser to #ShareHappinessWithRemita.

A Concert Ticket
How about spending time together with them at a concert, singing your voices sore together as your faves sing? Yes, concert tickets are great gifts this period. They help create an unforgettable experience especially taking advantage of the festivities. Thank goodness, there is a bevy of concerts out there that you can check out.
Speaking Out The Musical

Order & Deliver Good Food
What is a thoughtful gift without food?  You can never go wrong with offering someone good food. The internet is saturated with so many great vendors you can patronize this period. You can start by sliding into your favourite food vendor’s DM on Instagram and making that order for your loved ones.

Give Them Money
Yes, money ooooo. Money also isn’t a bad idea because your recipient can decide how best they want to utilise it you will be giving them an opportunity to make good use of it as it suits them. Great, right? You can send money on the Remita App.

Which of these gift ideas do you fancy the most? Want to suggest others? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. Deolu Adefemi

    December 25, 2021 at 7:14 am

    Nice gift ideas. Indeed, it’s the supposed little things could actually count a lot.

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