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wrkman – Why Women are Falling in Love with Service Providers & Artisans in Lagos

By: Moronkola Oluwanishola



As a lady living in Lagos week-in-week-out in my apartment, I always had one complaint or the other about artisans and service providers in Lagos. If it isn’t about a broken pipe not fixed well, then it’s about the generator guy that fixed the gen and it packed up in less than 2 days if it’s not the generator, then it’s surely my hairstylist/ makeup artist always running late—the complaints just never seemed to end. Am I even forgetting about the fact that my car has broken down in traffic on a road several miles away from the closest mechanic I know, or the fact that I don’t know how to fix a blown-out socket, or household items when they get spoilt and I just resort to getting new ones, am I the only one who finds it hard to locate air-conditional repair guys, the best ones are so scarce in Lagos?

I got introduced to the wrkman app by my friend a few months ago. She is related to the CEO and she wanted me to be the earliest adopters of the app. To test the app I started by requesting a generator repair guy. He showed up in less than 10 minutes, went around to get some new parts for the generator, came back, and completed the job. With a smile on his face, he said “Na from wrkman so madam just pay 1k”, I was shocked, 1000 naira for workmanship in this Lagos I had to force 3k on him. From the period I ordered for him on the wrkman app to the time he completed the job I got calls from their customer support asking me how the job was going and if I was satisfied with the service.

I was too happy with the whole process because I have suffered too much at the hands of artisans in Lagos, finding an app that could get the job done perfectly and could guarantee my safety felt like a dream come true, on that day for the first time in a while I felt like for a Nigerian tech product. Since then I have requested for a mechanic, a hairstylist, and an AC repairman, I have also been a chief advocate of the product introducing the product to friends and family around Lagos, especially women like me and it has been the same feeling they have experienced, a feeling of satisfaction, assurance and safety, some of them even have favourite artisans on the app. I referred so many people I got a call from their team to thank me.

I am a content writer by profession, so I volunteered to write this for their product to bring as much exposure as possible. I would prefer to keep my identity hidden, but this just tells you how much wrkman has influenced my life positively. As a lady living in Lagos, single or married you should have the workman app on your device, download wrkman today! See here

What is wrkman?
wrkman is the service that connects you to service providers artisans around you in your time of need. At wrkman, we have taken our time to vet and verify all of the service providers on the platform so you don’t have to ever worry about fraud, tardiness, or unprofessionalism.

One wrkman app and all your artisan-related complaints are gone. Simultaneously, wrkman has opened up a new gateway for artisans to reach as many customers as possible. With the need to create a working model, every
artisan on wrkman is onboarded only after they have completed our thorough verification process, so be rest assured: You’re in very safe hands.

wrkman comes in handy when you need a carpenter to run a quick fix on your door handle, or when your generator breaks down and you need quality long-lasting repairs, or maybe your car breaks down in an area, you’re not too familiar with and you need affordable mechanics to get your car moving again.

Over the last six months, a total of 5000+ Lagosians have downloaded and signed up on wrkman. The app is available on both android and iOS stores, and it is very easy to use.

How to get started on wrkman
1. Download the app. It is available for both Android and iOS devices on their respective stores,
plus it is not large, so it does not take up your phone’s storage.
2. Sign up either as a user or a service provider. From there, there are two different registration
paths depending on which category you fall into.

wrkman is built with location-based search features so you can get service providers closest to you. It
also features a 5-star rating system that lets you know what other users think of a service provider.

On wrkman, you will find electricians, plumbers, hairdressers, mechanics, make-up artists, photographers, painters, home cleaners, and even fridge and A/C fridge repairs. Abiodun, one of our top service providers shared how he earned over 1 million from a job he got on wrkman. Watch the video here. wrkman is helping lives every day. Need help? Get help! Join wrkman today.

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