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The Wild Turkey 101 New Package is now in Nigeria | Here’s some Backstory



Wild Turkey 101 New Bottle

Wild Turkey 101 new package is now available in Nigeria. Wild Turkey 101 ‘s new bottle expression stands proud and true to its roots.
While it has a new look, the liquid inside is the same – classically bold and spicy, with a robust flavour that Wild Turkey drinkers know and love.

The new pack represents the purposeful evolution of the Wild Turkey 101 and the brand’s journey to premiumisation. By adding a more modern, sleek look and feel to the pack Wild Turkey 101 cements its rightful position as the more credible and authentic option to other top premium competitors.

The defining feature of the new bottle is its beautifully embossed, detailed Wild Turkey at the centre, elevating the brand experience and becoming a beacon for this flagship bourbon.

For the label design, the focus is on Wild Turkey 101 lockup which is now overprinted across Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey – this allows for a breathing room around the hero brand expression on a natural paper label with a natural deckled edge, an additional nod back to the craft details of the brand experience.

Wild Turkey 101 Old Bottle

Wild Turkey Bourbon is an American classic Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey with a heritage spanning over a hundred years. Wild Turkey has maintained its historic recipe and generational process to retain that bold, authentic bourbon flavour under the experienced hands of Master Distiller Jimmy Russell and his son Eddie Russell. Wild Turkey is distilled at lower proof and aged in 4 Alligator char American oak barrels and longer than legally required. It has a long rich full-bodied finish and stands up in cocktails. Wild Turkey is marketed and distributed in Nigeria by Brian Munro.

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