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#BNGiveYourBooAShoutOut: Purple is Celebrating 7 Years of Great Friendship

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It’s Valentine! You know what that means: it’s a love-filled day. Love, they say, is a beautiful thing, and we agree. But there is perhaps nothing as beautiful as putting your feelings into words and having your boo read your romantic love letter. That’s why, to celebrate love, we asked you BellaNaijarians to give a shout-out to your boos by writing them a love letter, and win Bolu Babalola‘s Love in Colour from Rovingheights. We got some interesting and romantic letters, one of them is from Purple who is celebrating her boo of 7 years. Dig in!

Hey Bestfriend,

It’s been 7 years of great friendship and, honestly, it has been simply amazing, I would have written this on a piece of paper or as a text message but, oh well, I can as well write it on here.

I want you to know how amazing you have been in my life; the constant encouragement, love, and support I have gotten from you is immeasurable. You have had a great impact on my growth, you are so inspiring and a super talented photographer. You don’t even know how amazing and talented you are, but your long term friends and I know.

The both of us have been through a lot together and most of the time when I break, you always got my back and stood tall for me still.

I thank God every day for giving me such a human in my life.

All I pray for is for us to continue growing together in wealth, health, love and friendship.

Your Bighead,


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