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Kehinde Akintobi shares Insights on how to Find Fulfilment in One’s Career | Get the Book

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A lot of school leavers are at a loss on how to navigate their journeys in the world of work and the marketplace even after spending quality years in school. The path to self-discovery and identifying effective career choices is a necessary tool to ensuring fulfilment, productivity, and a rewarding experience at work.

Some people dread the thought of going to work as it is a daily terror they are forced to live by to earn a living. If they had alternatives, probably they would go in an alternative direction. Some others do not have such a negative experience but struggle to get value for their time and a fair reward. Whilst they are happy at discovering their passion and potential, they feel cheated when they look at what they earn.

One thing that all the categories of people highlighted above need is help. What is it that the brilliant course mate lacked that made him lower in status to the drop out who now chairs all the Old Boys’ Meetings? How come popular comedian, Basketmouth who is a reference point in the Entertainment sector did not study anything that has to do with Theatre Arts in his undergraduate days? How come people move to different locations to pursue professional success in the same field yet have different outcomes? How comes some others thrive at work, whilst some others struggle and dread the appearance of each working day?

What are those principles that can stand you out in the marketplace? What are the essential guides that can point you in the direction of a fulfilling, productive and rewarding career?

Thankfully, answers to these questions and more have been provided in a recent publication, Choosing a Career, an E-Book by Kehinde Akintobi. The Book provides insight covering areas such as 5 pillars for an effective career, 2 work dispositions that exist in the workplace, 7 tips for choosing an effective career, 4 dimensions of knowledge required to thrive in the workplace, 6work modalities/approaches that can give you further clarity in your career pursuits and 4 approaches to validate your choice of career.

This Book represents a meaningful investment the aspiring, practicing and experienced professional can take to get knowledge that can propel careers in the right direction. With a token investment of N3,000 (Three Thousand Naira only), you can equip yourself with knowledge and insights that will help you make the most of your potential and talent as a platform to where you want to be.


The first 50 buyers of the book will stand a chance to qualify to win a N50,000 Jumia shopping voucher.  The winner will be announced HERE.  

The Book is available on Selar

For enquiries on bulk orders or sponsorships for distribution to school communities, please send an email to [email protected]

Happy reading and cheers to fulfilling, productive and rewarding living!

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