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Sterling Alternative Finance is granting Females up to N10million for Financing | Here’s how to participate

Are you a Woman in need of financing for your Next Level? Then this is for you.

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To commemorate Women’s Month, Sterling Alternative Finance under its Alt Woman platform is giving Women up to N10million per application at lower markup rates and a credit score boost to make it easier for all Women to access this financing.

How to Apply

Simply click the link below to get started:

Link: SAF

Eligibility for Financing

  1. Must be a SAF customer (both existing and new)
  2. Must be a female entrepreneur or business owner – If in a partnership, a Female must own a major stake in the business.
  3. Must possess specified regulatory certificates for their line of business.
  4. Must possess business registration documents from Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)
  5. Proof of 2 years’ business existence (e.g., utility bill, invoice receipt, bank statement, etc.)
  6. Must provide 2 years’ bank statement to serve as proof of their revenue.
  7. Initial credit financing ranges in size from N500,000 to N10, 000,000, depending on the stage of business development, the funding structure, and the overall finance requirements of the investee company.
  8. Repayment duration is 24 months
  9. Mark-Up is at a lower rate of 13% and the moratorium is 3 months.

Now is the time to Level Up!

Terms and conditions apply.

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