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Woman of Guinness, Carol Okwara advices Young Women to be aware of their Strengths and also get Educated

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Carol Okwara is the Managing Director of Delicious Treats. She started it with her husband because they were looking for a business that would not allow people to owe them as previous businesses had.

“In the drink sales industry, you must be disciplined first; I have been able to maintain being disciplined and still be a kind leader,she says.

The business they started in 2001 now has two branches; one in Lagos and another in Owerri, which her husband manages.

“Twenty-one years later, we have had challenges, but we are doing marvellously well. We have developed a business that people can call their safe space and have a great time. The goal is to expand even more.”

Madam Okwara faces bias in her business and says,

“In my job, I have faced many difficulties; for onepeople look at me and request to speak to the owner because they expect to see someone completely different, but that is the least of my worries. When I address them, they see from my years of experience that I know my onions, and I am just as good as anyone in the business.

The biggest challenge in her business is human resources, according to her.

When you have as much experience as I do and you are very hands-on, people find it hard to cope because I leave no room for mediocrity. Over the years, I have been able to use the knowledge gained from when I was a teacher to relate with my staff.

I correct them with one hand and pull them in with the other. My staff find inspiration in this approach to put in their best because of our earn as you work approach,which allows them to earn twice the average rates in the industry.”

For young women who want to follow the entrepreneurial path, she says,

“My advice would be to make sure you are aware of yourself and your innate strengths first. Make sure you know what you sure capable of. Put education first and allow it to serve as the foundation for whatever business you are better suited for; it gives you an edge.”

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