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Woman of Guinness, Stella Onifade encourages Women to Keep their Head Up and Keep Trying

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Stella Onifade’s only regret is not studying hospitality management back in school. We asked her why and she responded, “I think there is so much untapped knowledge in that field”.

These days she is a manager in the hospitality industry, and her path into the industry was inspired by an aunt’s relationship with staff and customers in her restaurant. Stella considers herself a people person because engaging with people is something she enjoys.

“I also have a passion for teaching and served as a teacher in a secondary school during my NYSC service year. I believe I left a positive impact on the lives of my students.” Her love for teaching was inspired by her sister’s relationship with students when she was a teacher.

Stella Onifade says the strong women around her greatly inspire her. She believes in the concept of relating nicely with people at work and not necessarily adopting an uptight approach to a senior position.

To all the women who aspire to end up in the hospitality sector, this is what she had to say “Keep your head up and keep trying because you will get it one day.”

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