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Here is how Enwerem Ogochukwu is cancelling the Sterotype and Living the ‘Soft Life’ on her Own Terms

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“Interestingly, I never had a passion for baking. The realisation that I had bills to pay was the motivating factor for picking up baking as a skill.” Ogochukwu recalls laughing.

Enwerem Ogochukwu owns an online bakeshop called Platimun Bakery located in Anambra. The bakery provides Cakes and pastries to clients who have come to trust Ogochukwu for her skills and service excellence.

She started her business in 2018 when she felt the need to acquire a new skill and something that could sustain her. Now, Platinum Bakery provides baked goods and offers training for women who want to set up their baked goods businesses.

When asked about the stereotype of women living a “soft” life and being able to ask men for money, she said, everyone has a need; why would I want to bother someone with my own needs”?

Ogochukwu believes sacrifice is critical for anyone who wants to build a business in Nigeria today but says being determined and focused will make the best stand out.

“I cannot promise that it will be easy, but if you set your mind to it, somehow, things get better.


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