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These 3 Remarkable Teens on the Spectrum are Showcasing their Pieces at the “Art In Autism” Exhibition ?? | April 2nd – 19th

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Puresouls Learning Foundation, in partnership with Terra Kulture is hosting an art exhibition tagged “Art In Autism” from April 2nd – 19th, showcasing pieces by kids diagnosed with autism.

Every year since 2015, the organisation searches for children and adults with talents in art and exhibit their works at various galleries but in 2021 it began this partnership and collaboration with Terra Kulture. This has further exposed the artwork of the children to international community.

This year they will be showcasing 3 talented artists:

Zizah Obioha Okeugo, a 13-year-old visual artist diagnosed with Autism. He spent his early years as a non-verbal introverted child. After his diagnosis at age 4, he underwent constant therapy in speech development, motor skill development, and several emotional control techniques to help him blend into a neurotypical world.

He discovered art and music and began to use these to engage with people and express his thoughts and emotions. Today, Zizah draws, paints, and plays the piano by ear, earning himself the monicker @eideticboy. Zizah’s “Eidectic Impressions” exhibition (2021) at the Terra Kulture Gallery in Lagos, Nigeria saw over 40 of his pieces sold.

His process involves watching, listening, and paying quiet attention to the world around him and then creating art that speaks for him. saw over 40 of his pieces sold. This will be his 2nd exhibition at Terra.

Christine Mike-Nnani, a 16 year old who never spoke a word for the first 4 years of her life. But she could rock back and forth to Barney and Friends. Christine’s parents enrolled her in a special needsschool – Manna Children’s Centre hoping that she will learn to speak, read and write. Christine who had never spoken a word caught on quickly with colors and numeracy and some level of speech.

For years, Christine who had been under therapy sketched on old textbooks and loved arts and crafts nothing spectacular until this pandemic – February 2021. When she wasn’t responding to the online classes, her parents bought sketch pads and found out that she had a photographic memory and could absorb scenes and pictures and draw what she saw within a couple of hours on paper. When she started drawing on canvases, it was like she’s been drawing for years.

Once Christine started painting, she became a different person. It was like an awakening. She came alive with colors, watched movies with the family, engaged in conversations, and discovered she loved painting with Michael Jackson’s songs. She has attained 60% speech and loves dancing. This is her 1st exhibition.

Daniel Ayomikun Okolie is 18 years old. He was diagnosed with autism at age 4. Daniel spent his early years as a non-verbal introverted child. He later underwent speech therapy, motor skill development, and several emotional management techniques at Patrick Speech and Language Center. He was later integrated into the mainstream school to continue his education. He is now in SS3.

Contrary to his parents’ expectations, it was discovered that Art and Music are his passion and that was all he wanted to do. That started a new phase for him though he has stuck to his first love for drawing and painting. The exhibition is a collection of Daniel’s best works ranging from abstracts to animation life painting, and nature paintings. His use of colors is unimaginable.Daniel draws straight from memory showing his unique imaginative capacity he understands his art and draws inspiration from his surroundings and anything that attracts his fancy.

This is Daniel’s 1st Art Exhibition and he has tagged it – DNX Creation. He took time to label each of his painting.

The art Exhibition will now run every year giving each artist an opportunity to sharpen their skills as well as search for more talent in our special needs community.


Puresouls Learning Foundation, established in 2007, has been at the forefront of Advocacy for people living with Developmental Disability with its particular focus on Autism. It has been advocating for acceptance, inclusion, education, and skill development of these groups of people.

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