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This Remarkable 12-Year Old Boy Zizah Okeugo is Rising Above Autism & Epilepsy With His Art



This is so inspiring.

Zizah Obioha Okeugo, a 12-year old artist, was diagnosed with autism at age 4. Zizah, who also has epilepsy, spent his early years as a non-verbal introverted child.

As typical with children on the spectrum, Zizah underwent constant therapy in speech development, motor skill development, and several emotional control techniques to help him blend into a neurotypical world. But it was when he discovered art and music that he began to engage with his surroundings and his family.

Fast forward to this day, Zizah is hosting his own solo exhibition – Eidectic Impressions – starting from April 2, 2021 (World Autism Awareness Day) till April 11, 2021.

The exhibition is a collection of Zizah‘s best works ranging from abstracts to portraits, still life painting, and nature paintings as well. His use of colours especially in his treatment of his backgrounds is truly remarkable.

Zizah draws and paints straight from memory showing his unique imaginative capacity for capturing and recreating scenes he only witnessed for a few seconds.

See some of Zizah’s paintings below:

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  1. Joan

    March 31, 2021 at 4:56 pm

    This is awesome.Greater heights kiddo

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