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Catch Telemundo’s New Series ‘The Scent of Passion’ Every Night on DSTV| Read Synopsis

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The Scent of Passion tells the story of Teresa ‘Gaviota’ Suarez (Laura Londono), a hard-working lively youngcoffee farmer, born and raised in Colombia. Every year, she and her mother go to the Hacienda Casablanca to pick coffee from the harvest. The owner of the Hacienda, Octavio Vallejo (Luis Eduardo Motoa) promises her a hectare of land to grow her own coffee after she saves him from almost being kidnapped. This exciting telenovela summarises an impossible love story between two lovers from different worlds.

Here are five reasons why you must not miss the drama on DStv Channel 118 every day at 9PM WAT.

1. Love twists like you have not seen before: Not to spill the (coffee) beans, but The Scent of Passion has an impossible love triangle that you sure don’t want to miss. Sebastian Vallejo (William Levy), the son of the rich and wealthy Octavio Vallejo, living abroad in the United States, comes back home after the death of his father to assume the responsibilities of the family. Soon he meets Gaviota and an attraction is born. 

The love that brews between Gaviota and Sebastian is threatened by an ex from his past, Lucia (Carmen Villalobos), who is bent on destroying everything between them and getting back together with Sebastian for her own selfish reasons.

 2. A dramatic and malicious family: Toxic family gets a new definition in this drama series. Sebastian’s family are more concerned in schemes than progress. The wicked and malicious scheming of Sebastian’s brother, Ivan, and Sebastian’s ex, Lucia, is not only what keeps Sebastian and Gaviota apart. They also come from opposite worlds and must contend with everyone and everything that keeps them apart.

3. Just what Nigerians love: Themes displayed in The Scent of Passion will resonate well with a Nigerian audience. It is no coincidence that there are a lot of Passionistas here! This captivating impossible love story takes you on a ride with an incredible cast and crew highlighting the best of culture and creativity.
4. Broken promises: Octavio, before his death did not have time to document his promised reward to Gaviota. As a result, she must fight to make the family fulfil the promise made by Octavio. Gaviota, trying to get the Vallejo family to honour the promise, encounters a lot of difficulties from the family, especially from Sebastian’s brother Ivan (Diego Cadavid) and mother, Julia (Luces Velasquez).
5. Perfect coffee themed setting: The Scent of Passion is a story of love and heartbreak laced with romance and suspense, set in the coffee landscapes of Colombia. Although from different backgrounds,Sebastian and Gaviota have the same dream – to grow special coffee.

You can watch The Scent of Passion every night at 9PM WAT on DStv channel 118 – enjoy!

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