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Triller is excited to announce the Launch of its First-of-a-Kind Dual User Camera Feature

Creators can now record and broadcast using both cameras on their devices simultaneously

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Triller, the AI-powered open garden technology platform for content creators, has announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind dual-usage camera experience. The breakthrough innovation will allow the platform’s 65 million active users to record and broadcast using both the front and back cameras on their devices simultaneously. This breakthrough functionality is currently available for iOS users and will soon be available for Android users too.  

“Effectively, it puts a multi-camera studio into the palm of your hand,” says Mahi de Silva, Triller’s Chief Executive Officer. The new Dual Reaction Camera feature gives the user a super-easy way to capture their own face and that of their subject simultaneously, which is perfect for prank memes or for capturing in-game footage. And it’s just one of the ways in which Triller is pushing the boundaries of technology to provide content creators with imaginative techniques to engage with their audiences.”

In addition, Triller’s most recent Combined Capture updatebrings split-flow video recording into one seamless flow, allowing users to add music or other commentary directly into their videos straight from the initial recording. Previously, users had to choose whether to record video with music or to record an OG sound at the start of the process. The new update allows users to seamlessly and easily record and post their Triller content with music enhancement.

These are just two of a whole suite of new tools designed to enhance the robust video and recording experience Triller offers. They deliver a streamlined and diversified recording offering that will take user-generated content to an entirely new level.

“We’re especially proud to be hosting the dual-usage camera functionality on our app,” says de Silva. Especially as we’re the first of all the major social media platforms to offer it. And we’re really excited to see what kind of content our users will generate with this great upgrade. It’s yet another expression of our position as a social media disruptor and of our intention to involve everyone in the Trillerverse in an entirely new era in music, arts and culture. It provides a new and unique feature to enhance social media interactions, offering a platform for users from all walks of life to CREATE, CONNECT and SHARE.”


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