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Here are 9 things Maraji has Learned Since Becoming a Mom

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Asking different mums what “Motherhood” means to them would give you different answers. But one would agree that they most likely would tell you it is the greatest and hardest thing they have had to do.

Nigerian content creator Maraji, welcomed her first child last month. Her enthusiasm about this journey is undeniable as she shared her pregnancy stages on media as well as talked openly about her struggles.

In a recent post, she shared the things she has had to learn about being responsible for someone. These are things that every mother would relate to. While we gush on her newborn, we wish Maraji love and strength as she journeys on. Way to go mummy!

See the lessons she shared below:

-I’ll have to trade my sleep
-Babies want to be held all the time (so putting them down to sleep successfully is a skill 🤒🤒)
-Breastfeeding makes you hungry and thirsty every time ( especially those night feeds )
-I’d smell like breast milk all day 😩😩
-My flat stomach will turn to a pouch 😂
-My nipples with hurt sometimes
-Newborns eat every 2 hours ( mine eats every hour )
-I’d cry some nights cus of sleep deprivation 😥😥
-I’d love someone so much I’d do this everyday

Photo Credit: instagram/@maraji

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