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Paired with Moet: The New Moët & Chandon Series inspires the Art of Pairing Champagne with Food

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Moët & Chandon has released a new video series called Paired with Moet. In the new series, Moët & Chandon invites its followers to a feast for their eyes and taste buds. The menu consists of five episodes, proposing a pairing between the Moët Nectar Imperial and a dish created specially to match a celebratory occasion.

Moët & Chandon is the choice for moments worth celebrating, whether it is a birthday, wedding anniversary or graduation, there is a bottle of Moët & Chandon for every occasion. In this new series, the chefs have carefully curated meals that speak to a moment worth celebrating, whilst being paired perfectly with a bottle of Moët & Chandon. It truly is the perfect Moët Moment because what better way to celebrate that special moment than with an amazing meal and the perfect bottle of Moët & Chandon champagne!

The first episode of the Paired with Moet series features Benoît Gouez, Chef de Cave of Moët & Chandon, and celebrated French chef and Culinary Ambassador and Executive Chef at Moët & Chandon Marco Fadiga as they prepare a favorite Nigerian dish, Jollof Rice, pairing it with the Moët & Chandon Nectar Imperial.

The series will also feature a gastronomic experience from game-changing chefs in the Nigerian culinary industry: Daniel Olurin, Chef SiÁ, Lou Baker, and Chef Raffy as they take us on a culinary journey highlighting specially curated meals, paired perfectly with Moët & Chandon.

“This is a great way to discover – or rediscover the versatility and philosophy of Moët & Chandon. Each dish was masterfully crafted to be a treat to both your palate and eyes whilst raising a glass to a celebratory moment.” says Oluwole Awoleke, Marketing Manager Moët Hennessy Nigeria.

Exceptional meals feature memorable pairings of food and wine. The flavors and aromas complement one another, subtly melding to achieve exquisite tasting perfection. An intimate relationship emerges between champagne and a dish, creating a harmonious association that elevates both the wine and the food.

Don’t miss the weekly rollout of the “PAIRED WITH MOËT “ series on the Moët & Chandon Official Facebook Page.

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