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Funmi Iyanda sits with Agriculture Experts to Discuss Food Scarcity & the Rising Prices on “Public Eye”

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Food inflation is the overall rise in the cost of food in any country. As a result of the continuous rise in their prices, many food staples are becoming more difficult to get in Nigeria. The sharp increase in the cost of food is having a detrimental effect on a significant number of people in Nigeria.

In episode three of “Public Eye,” Funmi Iyanda interviews African farmer Mogaji, Professor Jameelah Yaqub (PhD), a Professor of Economics, Iyabode Lawal, a foodstuff and provision vendor, Ushie Audu, security personnel (Breadwinner family of four), and Nkiru Okpareke, the board chair for IITA, to discuss food and the growing costs.

Watch them address this topic in the video below:

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