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Before You Move To Nigeria: Get the Scoop on Lola OJ’s New Book | Available Soon

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“Come with plenty of money…’ ‘Run-o’ “Once you land, find somewhere to register for PVC.”

Hot clap backs like this and more strolled in under Lola’s tweet when she probed one of the most counter-populace questions of the century.

“A friend in the UK wants to move to Nigeria, what is the most valuable tip you are giving them? #BeforeYouMoveToNigeria

As alien as this conversation is, Lola deemed it necessary for us to engage, and it became a trending topic on Twitter that day. As you might have guessed, the responses didn’t stop at “Runo“, it stretched into the conscious minds of the rightly woke-social media community too.

Being a Nigerian naturally beats you 4 – 0 hands down, it is no news that some believe that there is no hope left in the country. And if you are on that side of the table, you might care less about the situation and have your “Japa”-plans mapped out properly.

However, there were reasonable comments that duly acknowledged the possibility of living a comfortable life in Nigeria, even if you have always lived abroad.
Yes, it is true, that there will be challenges, but in the midst, you will find opportunities. The most important and world-changing businesses often emerge from a state’s problem pool.

Relocating to Nigeria could be the most significant move to make because Nigeria has one of the most dynamic, creative, and hardworking ecosystems in the world, which is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in a creative economy.

Fortunately, everything you need to know about relocating to Nigeria in peace, and ways to maintain that peace — has been made available in a book by a flag-waving citizen — Lola OJ.

British-born Nigerian creative, Omolola Ojetola, popularly known as Lola OJ who has tasted both waters shares a comprehensive guide to Nigeria, and how to let go of as many expectations as possible and navigate accurately.

Before You Move To Nigeria is a book born of a mind preoccupied with the prioritization of ease, comfortability, and sheer determination to improve the relocation process, because input from both worlds is essential.

Based on real-life experiences coupled with a fictitious story of “Titi’s” relocation experiences, give examples that are easy to understand and relate to. The book will help you think about, how to create successful connections via networking, whether to start off as an employee or an employer and most importantly, the art of flexible planning so that you can adapt to the changing environment.

As the release date of “Before You Move To Nigeria” draws nearer, make sure you will be counted as one of the first-time readers of this insightful publication. The embedded value of navigating Nigeria successfully cannot be overemphasised, so learn from the inside and grab a copy of Before You Move To Nigeria, available on Saturday 16th of July, 2022.

In a culture fixated on information, Before You Move To Nigeria is a bold far-reaching book that can start a cultural revolution. Watch Lola, unfold her book details on YouTube.

Get the details of the new book on their website.

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