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Meet the Co-Founders of Jand2Gidi: Ujama Akpata and Kikelomo Fola-Ogunniya

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Jand2Gidi is a logistics company founded by two amazing ladies – Ujama Akpata and Kikelomo FolaOgunniya. They came together to solve delivery issues and have since impacted their industry both at home and abroad. Deliveries are swift and secure and their customer service is top-notch.

This extremely brilliant and innovative idea of these women is helping change the narrative of the logistics industry being a male-dominated field. These women are using tech in their services to help customers track their deliveries from start to finish.

Jand2Gidi has been around for almost 10 years and has served a lot of clients in that space of time.  In a male-dominated space, these women are thriving based on the fact that they are efficient, knowledgeable and have a great friendship. Every business has its ups and downs but the positives from the Jand2Gidi experience are so inspiring.

Jand2idi has delivered goods for clients such as Arami Essentials, Little Company Nigeria (Jara Beach Resort), Olayemi Odutola, Mudiaga Nwachukwu (CEO, Rhimamory Learning Resources) and Michelle Adesokan to name but a few.

Some of their clients had great things to say about them.

We have been working with this brand for over 5 years and we can say  that their delivery timeline is top-notch. J2G we look forward to a more continuous partnership. – Arami Essentials

I don’t have to chase them to follow up or anything they go out of their way to keep me up to date with all my shipment details. I stay with them because I find their service professional. – Michelle Adesokan

I’ve known them for about 5 – 6 years and my favorite thing is their customer service. Even on days where there are glitches, they have a way of still comforting you and being very respectful.

– Olayemi Odutola

 The genuine feeling that they care cuts across them making sure that you’re constantly updated with the delivery processes of your goods and it coming on time – Mudiaga Nwachukwu

Having heard what some of their clients had to say about them, it is safe to write that one predominant thing about Jand2Gidi is the intentional care and respect for their customers as well as the timely delivery of goods which is very essential in the logistics industry all over the world.

Jand2Gidi has built a highly trustworthy and effective brand over the years through its commendable services. In addition to this is their willingness to do better and be better.

Their fascinating social presence has also brought them closer to their customers and prospective clients as the beautiful founders were also just featured on the front cover page of the Exquisite Magazine.

Jand2Gidi is one logistics company that is highly inspiring and we are really elated to see how they’ve grown over the years.

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