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Soliat Bada Is a Mum!

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Soliat Bada
has welcomed a baby. It’s a boy, and her friend, Ms DSF confirms “he’s the cutest human ever.”

She looked as zen as ever as she debuted her baby bump on Instagram earlier today. The chef shared the picture of herself in a chic white two-piece suit, and in the caption she talked about her pregnancy journey and her experience with fibroid:

Pardon my absence, I was cooking up a lil sumn

Something so special, so beautiful, my little miracle baby I’m so happy for this blessing but truthfully these past few months have been the most trying time of my life. The news that I was expecting filled me with overwhelming joy but the reality of it was less joyous.

After my first check up with my doctor I was immediately put on bed rest. Why? Because like so many other women out there – I had fibroids. Not small and humble fibroids but multiple rude ass obnoxious and degenerating fibroids that left me in excruciating pain. This pain, hospital visits and dyhidrocodine became a part of my everyday routine. It was SUPER hard and I was sitting there like “How come nobody told me about this?!” Even after birth, things are not as straightforward as my favourite unrealistic romcom and the mummy blogs would make it seem.

I’ll defo be talking about this more in the future because the truth needs to be told! Lol! But through it all, I am VERY excited for this new adventure

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