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Tola Oladiji: Essay Writing Tips to Aid Your Graduate Studies Application




When preparing an application for graduate studies, you will be required to write a personal essay which includes achievements, education, work experience, extracurricular activities, and other things that are important to be mentioned in the application essay. The essay is also an important criterion for your application to be successful.

However, for some, the actual process of writing the essay is the difficult aspect. When you’re making an application into a reputable institution, you’re competing against hundreds of other candidates. Your priority should be how you’re going to make your essay stand out from the group. The essay, which is commonly called a statement of purpose or personal essay, takes a huge part in the application process. Therefore, you must try, to the best of your ability, to write your essay perfectly. Or, if you doubt your competence in writing it better, you can seek out a professional essay writing aid.

When it comes to preparing for graduate applications and admissions documents, one of the major hurdles applicants struggle to overcome is meeting the deadline. This is because many applicants procrastinate, especially with writing the essay. Some lack the ability to properly articulate their thoughts. Therefore, they consult professional writers. But the internet has made access to everything easy. There are now numerous papers that could guide you to prepare and complete your essay within a few hours.

Additionally, when looking for essay help, students should consider obtaining a thesis statement. This is like a paper that is used to support and articulate a specific argument in a specific essay. During your application, you might find that the majority of universities ask you to compose a couple of essays on a given topic. For instance, if you are applying for Arts Education, you may be asked to compose a thesis statement representing your preferred area of research. Thesis statements provide students with an opportunity to share their views on important subjects, as well as gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of their arguments when composing their personal essays.

However, when the deadline closes in on some people, they rather settle for copying other people’s or previously written essays. Writing samples are not there for you to copy. They are there to guide you in writing yours. The first thing is that you most likely don’t live the experience of the person you’re copying. The second is that it disqualifies you from consideration for the application. And there are people who work so hard to write their personal essays, copying someone else’s will just be unfair. It is simply intellectual theft. It is important to keep in mind that you must follow the principles for your essay to be uptight. With enough research, you will be able to correctly consult articles or papers you need.

The web provides lots of tools for students who wish to succeed at college. Students can use a thesis statement, which is a very important step towards essay help. If you’re having difficulty following the guidelines, there are some great templates available on the internet for your use. Above all, while putting in for an application, you should decide on a deadline for yourself, rather than following the application deadline. You can set your deadline two weeks backwards. You would have time to observe the details and it will help ensure that you meet all requirements within the frame of the deadline.



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‘Tola Oladiji is a Psychologist and Emotional Wellness Coach. He is also the Founder, Centre for Emotional Wellness Africa, and a member of the International Association of Positive Psychology Coaches. You can visit his website at to find out more about him.

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