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Get Ready for Drama with Accelerate Plus: Season 1 of ‘Big Books of Lies’ Now Streaming!

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With the many A-rated quality educative and entertaining productions in their kitty, Accelerate Plus releases another blockbuster series titled “Big Books of Lies”.

In the first instalment of the series, they have Book 1 – Unbrided, where a bridal shower turns out to be the last stop for all the secrets and lies from the past surrounding our phenomenal cast.

Nigerian queen of blogs; Agnes Icha played by Derby Frankson gather, with a few of her closest friends, for her bridal shower at the house of her best friend Latifah, who, unknown to her, is having an affair with someone very close to home.

But to Agnes’ shock, Latifah has invited Folake; a fake accented returnee (read as IJGB) and Agnes’ former friend turned mortal enemy from 10 years ago.

The night’s events then take another weird turn when Agnes’ blog; “A Grade Tea”, is hijacked by hackers, and videos of Agnes’ bizarre private relationship with her fiancé hit the public.

The footage showed a side to their relationship that hints at Somto not being the gentleman he presents outside.

The friends decide to turn the bridal shower into an intervention to convince Agnes to rethink her upcoming nuptials as each friend has a hidden ulterior motive, even though the quiet one Ese, seems to only have her friend’s best interest at heart.

Speaking on the launch of the series, Accelerate’s Chief Executive Officer, Colette Otusheso, said,

“We are delighted to produce another series for the viewing pleasure of our viewers titled the Big Books of Lies from the stable of Accelerate Plus. As we navigate our lives into adulthood, many happenings come back to catch up with the various mistakes committed ab initio. The show explores realistic nostalgic romance relationships turned sour, reflecting a series of love entanglements. With the successes accompanying past series, we are presenting this new relatable series that tells an authentic African story for a global audience.”

Created and produced by Xavier Ighorodje, Big Book of Lies is set to leave viewers with many truths to unravel.

Some of the riveting questions to be answered while watching the series are;

  • How did the night eventually turn out to be a full-blown girl fight?
  • Who has a man in the trunk of her car?
  • Who claims to be suffering from the effects of hypermenorrhea?
  • Who sneaked to the toilet with a secret phone and negotiated in foreign currency for the videos she shares online?
  • Did the marriage eventually take place?
  • Who are the friends that were at the wedding?

These answers and so many more await their audience, as they delve into their “Big Book of Lies”. So get ready as Accelerate Plus brings the drama.

Accelerate Plus, is a Premier subscription video-on-demand platform of Accelerate TV, one of Nigeria’s leading digital, lifestyle, and entertainment platforms powered by Access Bank.

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