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FMN Launches A Campaign To Drive Gender Equality In Workplace And Across The Nation

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Everyday, we tend to see women across the world attain one remarkable milestone over the other. We see them break the gender barriers and thrive in various industries and sectors by nurturing these establishments into valuable entities. And when we look closely at the tenets of gender equality, we would understand that besides being a fundamental human right, it allows for sustainable development and human capital expansion.

Over the years, it became imperative for the global community to map out days like International Women’s Day (IWD) to recognize the tremendous contributions women have made in different works of life, and the progress they have made towards gender equality. This year, the theme for the IWD is #Embrace Equity, a personal and direct call to action for each of us to propagate the culture of fairness and impartiality while dealing with others.

It is therefore based on this mandate and commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace that Flour Mills of Nigeria (FMN) launched a very insightful campaign themed ‘My Kitchen’ to create awareness on the need to foster gender equality across all spheres of life. The campaign spoke directly to the very biases that hinder women from pursuing their life’s goals and aspirations due to some fallacious narratives.

The ‘My Kitchen’ campaign brings to the fore the fact that women can own their various spaces be it as professional career women, artisans, C-suite executives, boxers, musicians, etc., women are adding value and should be afforded a good environment to thrive. As a Group, FMN for the past six decades has been investing significantly in developing the capacities of women by ensuring a diverse work environment. Through the FMN Women Network, the Group continues to afford the FMN women and Nigerian women direct access to resources that would help them grow in their careers and thrive as individuals with various life goals.

Also, the Group has in place various gender equality promotion policies that support women’s advancement, such as flexible work arrangements, mentorship programs, and leadership training. By supporting and empowering women, FMN Continues to create a more inclusive and equitable society where everyone can thrive.

FMN encourage women to pursue greatness, strive for growth, dream big, and have the courage to pursue that dream because the world is their kitchen and wherever they are they are, they can always ‘Cook’ up that dream and be happy.

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