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Meet Colgate’s Chief Emoji Officers in the New “Let’s Have a Talk” Campaign

Written By Colgate

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Colgate is excited to introduce their “Let’s Have a Talk” campaign, featuring the cutest CEOs (Chief Emoji Officers) ever! This campaign is a breath of fresh air in the oral care world, showcasing children who redefine what it means to take care of your teeth.

“Children from all backgrounds showcase their unique smiles, reminding us that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes while highlighting the joy of cavity-free grins enabled by their trusted partner” – Colgate.

According to Colgate’s research, 60% of Nigerians over 35 have lost a tooth or have missing teeth due to poor oral hygiene. Unfortunately, in Nigeria, people often wait until things are broken beyond repair before fixing them.

Colgate cleverly uses kids to remind adults to take care of their teeth. The gapped smiles of children serve as a metaphor, reminding us that while children’s teeth will grow back, tooth loss is permanent for adults if they don’t brush regularly.

Colgate’s research also highlights that a bright, healthy smile is the ultimate accessory, opening doors and spreading joy wherever you go. So, take a cue from the kids, embrace your smile, big or small, and brush away negativity with confidence, enhanced by Colgate, to unlock a lifetime of positive vibes!

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