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Nigerian Idol Season 9: Colgate’s Strategic Partnership Yields Yanga-Smile Benefits For 2024 Contestants

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Nigerian Idol Season 9 contestants recently showed their appreciation for Colgate’s support by visiting the toothpaste giant’s headquarters. This visit follows Colgate’s recent partnership with the popular music reality show.

The visit yielded great gains for the visiting contestants including premium oral care treatment the team received at Yanga Dental Clinic, especially the polishing and scaling that elevated their confidence levels and subsequent performances in the following days of the event.

Receiving the contestant on behalf of Colgate at The Yanga Dental Clinic ….. stated that

it is always our organization’s delight partnering with visionary projects, especially those with a staunch commitment to improve and enhance the well-being of young people, and we share the same vision of nurturing young Nigerian talents and propelling them to superstardom in their respective projects.

We remain committed through resourceful partnerships like what we have currently with The Nigerian Idol, to empower the youth to achieve their dreams as reality shows like this promote the continued growth of the entertainment industry, unarguably an economic game-changer in the global business landscape, especially in a country like ours that is blessed with amazing talents.

In deep appreciation, each member of the Nigerian Idol team took a pledge before leaving Yanga Dental Clinic, to elevate and stand up for good dental care.

The contestants all made inspiring pledges about their oral health. Chima vowed to prioritize it, while Lammy promised to maintain a healthy smile. Lady Ruth pledged to “always do yanga” with her smile (likely meaning to radiate confidence). Gracia echoed the sentiment, vowing to prioritize his smile. Jenifer pledged to keep her smile radiant and healthy, and Chioma committed to making dental care a daily priority. Mira Clear rounded out the group by promising to brighten each day with his beautiful smile.

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Excitement for the competition appears to be at an all-time high, judging by the reactions of both the live and television audiences. The contestants’ performances have been consistently generating broad smiles and enthusiastic responses.

Colgate’s strategic involvement with The Nigerian Idol this year serves as a moving reminder of the brand’s commitment to strengthening the entertainment industry through this pivotal partnership with The Nigerian Idol. Analysts recognise this as a unique step in nurturing young talents and propelling them to superstardom in their respective music genres.

Beyond Nigerian Idol, Colgate has a proven track record of inspiring young people in the entertainment industry. This partnership is just the latest chapter in their ongoing commitment to helping budding talents reach their full potential.

In 2020, Colgate partnered with the popular reality show Big Brother Naija for their Lockdown season. The collaboration included the ‘Colgate Smile Challenge’ and a year’s supply of Colgate products among other prizes for the winner.

Besides entertainment, Colgate has actively supported many causes that have brought great benefits to young people. Last year, to mark World Oral Health Day, Colgate and Nigerian Youth Service Corp (NYSC) took to the streets simultaneously across 15 regions in Nigeria to sensitize the public on the importance of good oral hygiene. The brand also offered free dental check-ups and products as part of their community outreach.

When the brand flagged off its thematic campaign tagged “Calcium in, Cavities out” in 2020, It massively highlighted the significance of calcium to dental health on Television, Radio, digital, and OOH platforms. The campaign propelled many Nigerians to take their dental health more seriously by keeping up with a comprehensive oral hygiene routine.

Colgate is a brand from the stable of Colgate Tolaram LFTZ Enterprise, a strategic joint venture of Colgate-Palmolive Company and Tolaram Group. The Joint Venture has brought innovative oral care; personal care and home care products to consumers across Nigeria and beyond.

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