BN Exclusive: Asa Live in Concert at La Bellevilloise

Last friday, Asa was at the Bellevilloise, in Paris to perform tracks from her sophomore album for the first time. Clad in a sleeveless grey top, scarf and boots. She was looking every bit her brand new feminine self as always. She began her performance with the first song on Beautiful Imperfection, Why Can’t We. It had her signature guitar strumming and soulful vocals, but she still performed it with profound energy and gusto.

If there was any doubt  that we were listening to a much different Asa, they were all erased when she began to perform Ok ok which had very strong Soft Rock influences. It was a bit of a surprise, however, to see her dance Alanta while performing – A clear evidence that she’d been fresh from Nigeria.

Her performance of Bimpe’ was clear reminder that the Asa we all fell in love with, had gone nowhere.  Fan favorites, Fire on the Mountain and Jailer tore up the predominantly french crowd. The fear may be that Asa we used to know from Bibanke is gone,

In January 2011, she kicks off the tour Beautiful Imperfection, and is scheduled to perform in Switzerland, Paris, Toulouse, and many other places around Europe. Already, her album debuted at No. 1 on iTunes in France, Switzerland and Belgium.

Her album became available for sale online at her website as well as iTunes.

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