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I was going to write about something completely different today but a comment someone left yesterday really struck me. I guess it was just a sign that I should highlight something very important.

Kehinde Gbelee is a prominent Nigerian banker and breast cancer survivor; she was one of the key people who inspired the Genevieve Pink Ball.

Michelle Dede was the presenter of extremely popular, Big Brother Nigeria reality show.
She recently revealed that she faced a cervical cancer scare. Fortunately, it was detected early.

So ladies, perform that monthly breast self examination. If you feel or see anything suspicious, please consult your doctor immediately. Early detection is key!
You should also ensure that you see your doctor for your yearly pap smear exam (dont be scared, shy or ashamed) If Michelle did not go for hers, we would be hearing a different sob story now…

Don’t ignore this because it is a sort of ‘serious’ topic……entertainers, celebrities and socialites worldwide host various fab and glam benefits yearly to raise money for these causes… Also, thanks to Genevieve Magazine for highlighting such vital issues.
Much luv and God’s blessings to those presently battling, all the survivors and those who have passed away.
A close relative is presently battling breast cancer, I sincerely hope and pray that noone else in my family goes through this again. AMEN

Please share your input on this issue.

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