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The holiday season comes with wedding pandemonium and its only natural that some talented entrepreneurs have capitalised on the wedding market and rightfully are making waves in the business. The Lagos based design company IWeddings Nigeria is at the forfront of revolutionising the wedding industry with its unique sense of style and creativity.
IWeddings is a Lagos based creative design studio building trendy and customised websites for intended wedding couples and newlyweds alike. It also builds websites for small business owners involved in providing diverse services in the wedding business. From wedding planners, and photographers to makeup artist, you name it and they have it all covered.

IWeddings Nigeria is the brainchild of Babs Okubote who noticed the gap in the market whilst planning his own wedding. He says,” the website designs available were very limited”. As a result he decided to blend his creative skills and background in web design to create this unique and diverse service. Along with Okubote’s previous experience as a branding and image consultant whilst at Alder Consulting, he aims for every wedding website to be created differently injecting a whole lot of individuality to it. With an increasing web savvy market, IWeddings Nigeria intends to cater to the needs of their clientele, wherever and whenever.

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