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BN Nollywood Insider: Hanging with Genevieve Nnaji & Kate Henshaw-Nuttall



BN Nollywood Insider is back and you know its all about the exclusives! Your look into the life and times of Nollywood’s biggest and brightest.

Its Nolita here again and today I have two of my favourite Nigerian actresses Genevieve Nnaji and Kate Henshaw-Nuttall. I was at the Okorodudu family home in Ikoyi Lagos for the engagement (traditional wedding) of Ileola Okorodudu & Wohabiko Owhondah and I spotted Genny & Kate chatting and doing some quick makeup and hair touchups. They looked absolutely gorgeous and were very excited to see each other (who says Nollywood actresses all hate each other? so not true!). Later on, I got our photographer to take some more shots of the ladies so we could get a good look of their outfits. Genevieve does ‘Niger-Delta Chic’ to perfection while Kate kept things traditional and cute in her blue outfit. Watch out for more from Nollywood!
Love, Nolita.

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