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BN Presents Naija Divas: Nnena

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She was introduced to us on Mode 9’s smash hit ‘Cry’. Many wondered who the lady with beautiful haunting voice was. They got their answer – Nnena. There’s something incredibly special about Nnena Omali. From her music, you can tell that she is way deeper than the average Naija Diva. She writes her own songs and plays multiple instruments including the guitar & piano. Her video for the song ‘Oluchi’ illustrated that she is eager to use her music to effect change. Nnena’s new singles ‘Love Me, Love My Dog’ and ‘Fallin Roses’ show off her immense talent and she is set to break new ground again as her debut album will finally be released soon.

Nnena – Oluchi

Nnena in Mode 9’s Cry

Nnena – Love Me, Love My Dog *New Single*

Nnena – Fallin’ Roses

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