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Nneka – The New Postergirl of the Afropean Music Movement



nneka 3She is at the forefront of the renaissance of the Afropean movement. Alongside the likes of Bantu, Ayo and even Zap Mama; Nneka’s love for reggae, soul, hip-hop plus a huge dose of consciousness led to the creation of a splendid debut album – Victim of Truth. ‘Victim of Truth’ gave us gut wrenching tracks like Africans, Changes and God of Mercy. With an innate ability to writing music beyond her years, Nneka always holds dear to her an openness and honesty that doesn’t go without notice.

Nneka’s lyrics tackles subjects like spirituality, identity and hypocrisy. She says “I’m not here to entertain. I’m here to speak my mind because I am no longer at ease with the situation”. An emotional performer and visual artist, she has always been dedicated to the idea of artistic activism.

Recently her sophomore album – No Longer at Ease named after the Chinua Achebe novel unleashed the rock-induced ‘Heartbeat’ blazing on television screens across the nation. Heartbeat is currently nominated for a Channel O Award.
Check out the video for Nneka and Keziah Jones duet “Long Distance Love” and a live performance of “Come With Me”.

Nneka’s current single is Kangbe

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