iSHam Fashion & Beauty Fair 2009

iSHaM is a beauty solution company specializing in natural bath products for the African Woman. The word “iSHaM” means beauty and has its origin from the Kagoro Language in Kaduna state of Northern Nigeria. iSHaM promotes total beauty from within radiating outwards.

In line with our desire to promote total beauty, the idea for the iSHaM fashion and style fair was formed. We desire to use fashion as a platform for the exposure, empowerment and promotion of Nigeria’s emerging designers; by developing and supporting creativity and entrepreneurship in young and emerging talent in the Nigerian market and across the continent. We want to strengthen the fundamentals of the Nigerian Collection, establish a stronger voice, develop business opportunities, and become the gateway to success for upcoming designers. We intend to strengthen ties between the “creativity” of designers, “craftsmanship” of manufacturers and “trading” of the apparel and retail industry.

The iSHaM fair has been created to help bridge the gap between our indigenous established fashion icons and upcoming designers. The aim is to bring to the fore, an emerging generation of fashion, style and grooming designers who when fully established and given the right amount of exposure, will be part of the internationally recognized faces of African fashion.

The theme for this inaugural fair is “Future African”. It was developed as an illustration that all the exhibitionists, runway designers and models in this fair are part of the emerging generation of fashion icons not only in Nigeria, but in Africa at large.

We are constantly amazed to see the talent that this nation produces. There is an abundance of creative innovation and an ability to produce, that needs to be seen and appreciated by all who love and believe in what Nigeria can become. Our theme “Future African” is an indication of what we as Nigerians and as a whole, Africa, can become. This is an event that mustn’t be missed.

This inaugural fair will feature an estimated number of 20 exhibition stands. The stands will display various items ranging from clothes, jewellery, and shoes to both traditional and modern make-up and beauty ranges. Attendance at the fair is free. It starts at 1:30pm, on Sunday 8th November 2009, at Emerald Gardens Lekki.

The high point of the evening will be a fashion show starting at 6:00pm, this is a ticketed event. It will feature the works of apparel and accessories designers. We have 7 designers strutting their stuff on the runway: Ahme, Mohani, Indigo, Ishben, Beautiful Heritage Design Company, Kems styles, Firebrand. The show will include a three course dinner along with musical entertainment from some of MUSON’s best and solo performances by some very talented artistes. The evening will include an award ceremony recognising the contributions of some outstanding individuals to the fashion industry in Nigeria. Prizes will also be awarded to outstanding designers after the show.

The iSHaM fashion and style fair is for everyone, because fashion is an idea, a concept, a lifestyle, a celebration of creativity. Join us

Our efforts are proudly supported by Black Horse, Quest tv, Nouba cosmetics,
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