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Housewife to Ab Fab: Style ME Season 3 – Episode 5

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We are almost halfway through the Style ME season and there is a big twist coming next week!
This week, its time for another lifechanging makeover.

This week’s style subject is Anthonia Ama Ndubuisi
Anthonia is a 39 year old housewife and mother of 4 children
According to Anthonia, she applied to be madeover on Style ME because her children have said she really needs a makeover!
She will like to improve the way she dresses. For Anthonia, its not all about being trendy.
She simply wants to feel more vibrant and independent.

Style ME host Isioma shares that she can relate with Anthonia as she was 4 children as well!
She knows first hand that while being a great wife and mother is a priority. It is important to feel and look great as well.

Anthonia undergoes her makeover and is revealed in a beautiful wrap dress.
Her cute children also share the moment as they walk into the studio to admire their mum.

Borrowing the words of Peter Ishkhans ‘Change your image, change your life’.
Very apt in this case!

Anthonia Before & After

Anthonia Before & After

Beautiful mother of 4 - Anthonia

Beautiful mother of 4 - Anthonia

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