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Aisha Obuobi Readies to Unveil Fall Collection – ‘Talensi’ | Her Open Letter to the Christie Brown Woman

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In preparation for Africa Fashion Week 2011, Aisha Obuobi, Creative Director of Christie Brown has written an open letter to the women that inspired the collection she will be showcasing at the event.The Christie Brown team describe the collection as one of their most “intimate collections, filled with meaning” and it was important for Aisha to relay its meaning through an open letter to the Christie Brown woman.

Read the letter below:

“I have always looked to the tiny moments that speak to my heart and make me smile. As a designer I am inspired by the talented designers in the fashion industry. On the quest to bring more life and meaning to my work, I found inspiration, from the regular everyday things.

I am ultimately living my dream, to create clothing that celebrates the femininity of African woman and compliments the bold personalities that we are embedded within. As I drew my sketches, I never lost sight of these traits and they were the main inspiration for the new collection –Talensi.

This collection marries the simplicity of nude tones with the richness of blues hues, while incorporating vibrant neon for an edgy flare. Talensi is a portrait of our constant pursuit of a balance between conservatism and modernism, the confident look we crave both on the runway and in our closets.

Although minimalistic in lifestyle, the Talensi tribe is rich with culture. This collection reveals the various treasures hidden in the northern Ghanaian culture in hopes that it will never be forgotten.

This collection is an intimate exploration of what it means to be a woman, and it was inspired by the women who have taken bold fashion leaps with Christie Brown over the years”. – Aisha Obuobi

Now I am even more excited to the see the collection! Can’t wait!