Meet Scotch Whisky Expert & Johnnie Walker Global Brand Ambassador – Tom Jones

Tom Jones (Johnnie Walker Global Brand Ambassador)

Meeting Tom Jones was a pleasure and within a few minutes of chatting about his world as Johnnie Walker Brand Ambassador it was clear to see that he is a man that truly enjoys his job. He regaled me on the brands origins and how much he enjoined his trip over here, stating that the event itself was well attended and well organized. The cool and breezy lagoon side venue was much to his liking as Nigeria weather and Scottish weather are really not the same.

I went on to ask him more about the event sponsored by Johnnie Walker and he told me how they all had so much fun, he explained to the people present at the event how we should savor the flavor Scottish Whisky. “Instictually when we drink anything we tend to just swallow the liquid, but when we drink whisky, we drink it for the flavour. It takes over 12 years to make the Whisky so we are sort of asking you to give us 10 seconds of your time to enjoy it”. And he did have a point, so next time you are taking a drink, to take a second or two longer just to savor the 12 years worth of flavor.

Tom Jones
When you think of good quality Scotch whisky, you think Johnnie Walker and when you think of a Scotch whisky expert you think Tom Jones.

This hugely knowledgeable and credible Scotch whisky expert travels the world in his role as the Johnnie Walker Global Ambassador providing intimate knowledge of Johnnie Walker to whisky connoisseurs and helping them discover more about the magic and mystery of the world’s number one selling blended Scotch whisky brand.

As Global Brand Ambassador, he is the face and voice of Johnnie Walker around the world. He participates in media interviews and events, hosts mentored tastings and master classes and inspires whisky lovers around the world about the amazing history and heritage of the Johnnie Walker brand.

Tom left every attendee spell bound at the event when he revealed the amazing 200 Year old history of the Johnnie Walker brand, founded by 14 year old John Walker to its period of growth driven by his grandson Alexander Walker.

Tom mentored the guests on how best to enjoy Johnnie Walker, their different blends and savours.

According to the Devlin Hainsworth (MD Guinness Nigeria /Diageo Brands Nigeria) “You know when you have made it in life…scotch is the drink category of choice and when you have really made it Johnnie Walker is the scotch whisky of choice”.

The guests truly had a great time and experience as Tom was as engaging as ever and hopes to be back in Nigeria soon to give more fascinating Johnnie Walker experiences.

Till then, keep enjoying Johnnie Walker responsibly – strictly 18+.Plan ahead, don’t drive after drinking.

Photos of Tom Jones at the Johnnie Walker Society Event

Tom Jones speaking at the annual Johnnie Walker society event to whisky connoisseurs

Tom Jones showing the Johnnie Walker Drink to whisky connoisseurs

To find out more about the Johnnie Walker Annual Society Event, Check Out their Facebook Page and Like It
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  • Aosgrl December 6, 2011 at 10:10 am

    Am I the only concerned with the proliferation of alcoholic brands and sponsorship in Nigeria?

    • Miss Y December 6, 2011 at 10:51 pm

      I concur

      • Yo Yuh Know December 7, 2011 at 7:13 am

        I don’t concur…whisky is an ancient tradition, not a drink for getting drunk. People all over the world have made these organic spirits with natural indgredient for many hundreds of years.

  • cathy December 6, 2011 at 11:32 am

    hmmm story story

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