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D’banj’s “Oliver Twist” – The Saga Continues…Estelle, Donaeo & More – Pick Your Favourite Remake/Remix

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D’Banj ‘s “Oliver Twist” since it came out about six months ago has been making waves in the industry and even still rocks clubs and bobs heads till date. But, when i say “waves”, I don’t mean the regular waves that push rocks on the beach; no, that would be an understatement. When I say “waves”, I mean massive tsunami-type waves that have taken D’Banj ‘s name well across shores.

Pardon my slight exaggeration but let’s be honest, how many Nigerian songs have gotten this much buzz? With remixes from the likes of Estelle and Skepta? Up to the extent that a DJ donned the responsibility upon himself to make a megamix of several remixes? If you can name one, then I owe you at least a bar of chocolate.

“Oliver Twist” is the epitome of a fun, playful and equally entertaining song that even non-African audiences are having a good time with. The many fun, some funny, videos for the Oliver Twist dance competition even prove that. In fact, UK indie band, Ryan Parrott and The Rumours did a cover to the song and I would say a pretty good one at that. They managed to show a different side and element to the song, a more chilled out and relaxed side to it.

A lot of “Oliver Twist” remixes have been done; almost akin to when Busta Rhymes“Touch It” was rave of the moment. But, I think I’ll stop here with the hype and get right down to it. I have a fondness for the Donaeo & Anton Romero remix but it’s your choice…

Play Estelle – Oliver Twist Remix

Play Donaeo – Oliver Twist Remix feat. Anton Romero

Play Rukus – Oliver Twist Remix

Play Sneakbo – Oliver Twist Remix

Play DJ Raph – Oliver Twist Megamix feat. Sneakbo, Skepta, Lethal Bizzle, Estelle & Tre Mission

Let us know your favourite!

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