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New Music: El Flaco – Boring Day in Bellingham




El Flaco is a bonafide up-and-coming rapper following in the footsteps of Nigerian Hip-Hop veterans like Mode Nine. With his lyrical assassination skills and wordplay murdering, he’s back with a Cyndi Lauper-sampled track “Boring Day in Bellingham”, produced by Fresh Nerd, to tease fans and new listeners on what he’s really about.

Affiliated with Mirrorman Music, the rapper, who has been behind the scenes for a while shooting music videos like Mode Nine‘s “Boom Bap”, is slated to release more content for his “Samurai Series” as he gained fair publicity for his debut EP “The Samurai Series Volume One: VII”.

For now, here’s “Boring Day in Bellingham”, definitely a tune for Hip-Hop heads as it’s reminiscent of Jurassic 5 and may be even A Tribe Called Quest. Enjoy!

Play El Flaco – Boring Day in Bellingham

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