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Her Career, Being Famous, Misconceptions about her & Garri! Must Watch Golden Icons Interview with Ghanaian Actress Nadia Buari here on BN



Emma Emerson & Nadia Buari

Ok, it’s official, we here at BellaNaija are so loving Nadia Buari‘s down-to-earth attitude. The award winning Ghanaian actress who has starred in over 50 movies sits down with Golden Icons TV host Emma Emerson and speaks to her about her love for strawberries, her favorite colleague to work with Majid Michel, Beyonce, Paris, her career and yes one more thing garri (Yep, you heard us right). Watch one of the most hilarious and revealing interviews you will see on Africa’s pace setter for all things entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, music and more –

Here are some details Nadia Buari shared in the Interview!

The Real Nadia Buari – When asked to differentiate her real self from the characters she plays in movies, Nadia kept it short and simple saying “I would say the real Nadia is just a normal girl, just a home-body girl, a very quiet, shy, reserved kinda girl”

She definitely drinks Garri – Emma Emerson asked her if she actually doesn’t drink garri because in D’banj’s hit single Oliver Twist, he sang and I quote “I like Nadia Buari but she no dey drink garri”. Nadia said “I think you are like the zillionth person that has asked me this question. First of all I am African, so I definitely drink garri, I mean but I think when I listen to that track I really liked it, I think either it probably meant more than what you heard or he just wanted to rhyme like Buari and garri, either one of them I do drink garri”

The Best and Worst Part of being a celebrity – Just like every celebrity in the constant watchful eye of the public, Nadia also shares what she likes about being a famous actress and what she doesn’t like. To her the best part is being able to get contracts, being a brand ambassador and making money from what she loves doing (acting). The cons of being a celebrity to her is that your privacy is taken away and you are not really yourself because people want you to be a particular way and you are constantly being criticised.

Big Misconception about her – Tabloids and movie critics always have a way of saying negative things about celebrities, Nadia says the biggest misconception about her is that she is arrogant and not friendly.

Watch the Interview here!

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