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BN Bytes: Toolz Gets the Scoop on Linda Ikeji on Ndani TV’s “The Juice”

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On this new episode of The Juice, Toolz sits with blogger extraordinaire, Linda Ikeji and gets exclusive details on her begginnings in the blogosphere, stories that made her blog popular and so much more.

Did you know?

  • Linda Ikeji‘s blog is a multi-million Naira business.
  • She started off as a career model from about 1998-2006 but stopped because she felt she was too old for the business.
  • Her first encounter of a blog was here on Bella Naija when an article about her was a feature; she quickly became a regular reader after that and fell in love with the interactive nature of the platform.
  • She started her blog in 2006 but didn’t start making money until 2010.
  • A few controversial stories really got her a lot of media attention, with run-ins with the likes of Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD) and Toke Makinwa.
  • Using her blog as a platform, she was able to get a girl, Blessing Effiong, who was in Kiri Kiri Prison for four years without trial for allegedly stealing a phone, out of prison.
  • She doesn’t have any staff and handles her blog solely by herself.

To find out all the full details, watch the Full Interview here!

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