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BN Music Premiere: Waje – Oko Mi | I Wish

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Happy Birthday Waje!

Celebrating her birthday in New York as she’s going to be at the NEA event, Waje is back with a birthday present” for her fans – an official single, “Oko Mi”, produced by Del B ,and the finished version of the previously leaked but massively successful, “I Wish”. Both songs are slated for her debut album, “WAJE [Words Aren’t Just Enough]”.

On these two singles, Waje shows two sides of love – On “Oko Mi”,  ‘Oko Mi’ is the song every girl, every woman wants to sing to the man she is in love with”. On the other hand, on “I Wish”, she says, “For every heart that has been broken, ‘I wish’ is a song that says I’ve been there, I will survive”.


Play Waje – Oko Mi

Play Waje – I Wish

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