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Our Wedding Story: Tope Busari & Soji Obasanya



We absolutely love our wedding today – and we know you will too! Tope Busari and Soji Obasanya‘s wedding was filled with lots of love and sizzling chemistry. The absolutely beautiful bride and handsome groom celebrated their traditional engagement and white wedding on the same day – going from cultural chic to classic romantic – ending the night in a reception that had everyone on their feet. So fabulous!

Enjoy – BN Our Wedding Story – The Tope & Soji edition!


How Tope & Soji Met
by Tope
We met at the headquarters of the company I served with. I was wearing my corper uniform and carrying my NYSC posting letter when I saw him for the first time; he was working in HR. The dude obviously had his eyes on me from that second but I just thought he was very helpful and exceptionally friendly. We became good friends – 1 text message turned into dozens, mails, calls, visits and fast forward 3 and half years to our wedding day!


The Proposal 
by Tope
It was a Sunday, the 26th of June 2011 and we had been dating for 2 years. He planned a very fun get together at the beach – with friends, loads of food, drinks, music and fun in the sun – the same beach we had gone to on our first date. He told a few of our mutual friends the plan so everyone was in the know except me. They even got me involved with the planning, getting small chops and all.

So he decided to attend my church that day before the beach. He was deliberately wasting time – stopping at unnecessary places and shopping. I was even getting upset by all the stops LOL. We eventually got to the beach and were obviously the last to get in.


As soon as we got to the waterfront, I saw all our friends lined up in a row by the water. The first thought that came to my mind was “oh look, they are lining up for pictures, lets go join them” then I noticed they were wearing identical t-shirts each with a letter printed on the back, spelling out the words “W-I-L-L   Y-O-U   M-A-R-R-Y   M-E” So the first guy had W on his shirt, the next lady had I, L, L, and so on. I was confused cos it happened sooo fast.

Before I knew it, he drops in front of me on one knee with the most beautiful ring in the world. I just took off, I ran away and everyone was chasing me. It was the sweetest thing, and of course when I slowed down, I said “YES!”

Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_3 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_5 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_6

It was fabulousity from morning to night on Tope Busari & Soji Obasanya‘s wedding day! Starting with their Yoruba traditional engagement where they celebrated their heritage in true style – with the couple and guests’ rich cultural attire and traditions like the bride choosing the most important gift from the groom’s family.

With their traditional marriage rites completed, the same day, it was time for Tope and Soji’s white wedding. The bride looked radiant in her ball gown dress – the first one she tried on at the bridal boutique embroidered with crystals, and a classic red rose bouquet. The groom looked dapper in his matching red rose boutonniere and bright red socks. After their marriage blessing, the couple and their guests moved on to their wedding reception.

Classic red, black, white and a lot of crystals transformed the venue into Tope & Soji’s dream space. The couple was the center of attention as they danced their way into the hall – rocking it and going down low. It was Fun with a capital F as DJ Zeez pulled off an amazing special performance, which had the couple’s friends having the time of their lives.

BellaNaija Weddings wishes Tope and Soji all the best in life and love!


White Wedding
Nigerian_Wedding_Yoruba_Tope_Soji2Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_97Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_111 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_116

Nigerian_Wedding_Yoruba_Tope_Siji3Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_70 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_76Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_88 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_77 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_78 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_80 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_81 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_82 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_83 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_90 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_91 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_92 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_93 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_94 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_95 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_99 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_103 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_105 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_107 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_108 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_109 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_110 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_112 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_113Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_75



Nigerian_Wedding_Yoruba_Tope_Siji6Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_117 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_118 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_119 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_120 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_121 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_122 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_124 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_125 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_129 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_130Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_114 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_131 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_132 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_136 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_138 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_139 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_140 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_143 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_145Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_148 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_146

Traditional Engagement
Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_12Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_18Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_44 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_13 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_14 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_57 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_15 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_16 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_17 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_19 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_20 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_21 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_22 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_23 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_24 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_25 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_26 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_27 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_28 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_29 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_30 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_31 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_32 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_33 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_35 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_36 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_38 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_40 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_50 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_53 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_54 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_55 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_56 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_58 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_60 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_62 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_63 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_64Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_65Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_43

Nigerian_Wedding_Yoruba_Tope_Soji0 Nigerian_Wedding_BellaNaija_Yoruba_Tope_Soji_61

~ Wedding Photography: Jydiel Studio – | | jydiel (at)

Wedding Venues
Traditional Yoruba Engagement: Dehall Events Centre
Church: Chapel of Christ The Light, Alausa, Ikeja
Wedding Reception: Dehall Events Centre

Wedding Attire
Wedding Dress: Pronovias via Perfect Occasions
Bride’s Wedding and Traditional Engagement Makeup: EWAR Makeovers (RIP)
Maid of Honour’s Makeup: Ethel’s Touch
Bride’s 2nd dress: House of Dorothy
Bride’s Hair: Yinka, X n B

Wedding Vendors:
Event Coordinators: Ball Events
Wedding Cakes: SayCheese
Food: Betsy Cooks
Fresh Flowers/Red Rose Bouquet: Rare Flowers
Decor/Lighting: Dexterity Plus
Small Chops and Cocktails: PartyJydes Small Chops, Cocktails & Mocktails
Videography: Heartworks
Band: Faith band
DJ: DJ Frank
MC: Uyi
We love weddings as much as you do – get in touch for inquiries, inspiration & more!
E-mail: weddings (at)
Instagram: BellaNaijaWeddings
Twitter: BellaNaijaWed


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    July 30, 2013 at 7:40 pm

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  78. Incredible God

    July 30, 2013 at 8:48 pm

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  98. Amirah

    August 13, 2013 at 4:11 am

    Tope is GoRGEOUS. One of the most beautiful brides. Her smile is just perfection. I pray, GOd will bless their marriage and keep the love shining between them. Yoruba traditional attire are simply beautiful and makes every woman look like a queen. Lovely couple.

  99. Beverly

    August 16, 2013 at 4:23 pm

    Absolutely beautiful

  100. Keji

    August 18, 2013 at 1:00 pm

    Sweet couple! May God bless your union.

  101. zinnygal

    October 25, 2013 at 2:28 pm

    she is so beautiful n I really luv ha hair

  102. Kelly

    September 26, 2016 at 1:26 pm

    Tope, face of CBG UNILAG 2008. She is beauty and brains.
    Congratulations to the couple.

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