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“Beauty is in the Hands of Khuraira” – Introducing US-based Luxury Cosmetics Line for All Women, Khuraira Cosmetics



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Overview Khuraira

  • Nigerian native, emigrated to America in 1992.
  • One of America’s most sought after Celebrity makeup Artists, a Pioneer of Hollywood originated airbrush makeup, creator of a problem/solution driven makeup line for women of all ages, color and skin condition.
  • A Flagship store in affluent Tenafly, New Jersey – USA
  • Khuraira Cosmetics: A  brand used and loved by OPRAH and countless other celebrities in the USA and beyond
  • Beauty insiders hail Khuraira for her innovative products as well as techniques that address women’s skin regardless of age, skin tone or condition.
  • Her distinct style and full assortment keeps the brand featured in numerous consumer magazines and on social media.
  • Khuraira Cosmetics is sold at select upscale boutiques in the United States and around the globe, as well as on a prominent TV shopping network, ShopNBC.
  • Khuraira innovative K-PRO Airbrush makeup system is a part of the Curriculum of Top Beauty schools in the USA and hailed as one of the best overall.
  • Cause initiatives: Khuraira supports breast cancer survivors, sickle cell anemia, and education programs for African youth

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June2014003

Origins & Founder

A pioneer and celebrity makeup artist of over 20 years, Khuraira Musa is founder and creator of Khuraira Cosmetics, a luxury, full-color cosmetics line for women of all ages, color and skin condition.

Khuraira educates women in the art of the looking flawless. Not only does she make them look beautiful on the outside, she makes them feel good on the inside by being a friend and a confidante. Her business philosophy demonstrates why every woman looks forward to an appointment with her, and why she has created a cult-like loyalty among her clients over the years. One of her clients once said as a play on words to the adage, “Beauty isn’t in the eye of the beholder; beauty is in the hands of Khuraira.”

Khuraira’s distinct style and expertise keeps her in demand. Working her magical touch, she has applied her innovative makeup techniques to some of Hollywood’s most coveted and high profile personalities, including Mandy Moore, Brandy, Linda Evans, Paula Abdul, Suzanne Douglas, Kirstie Alley, Natalie Cole, Dr. Susan Rice, Andrea Stassou, Wendy Federman. Khuraira’s bridal work with Trista Rehn, the BacheloretteABC Television Wedding of the Decade – has earned rave industry reviews.Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June2014004

Khuraira Cosmetics are routinely featured in leading consumer magazines and media outlets, including People, Vanity Fair, In Style, Elle, Essence, Latina, Star, OK, Upscale, TLC, Telemundo, and on TV shopping “ShopNBC”.

Khuraira is grateful for her chance at success in America, which is a far cry from her humble African beginnings. Her life began in an orphanage in northern Nigeria after losing her mother at birth. She was later adopted by an aunt with little means and spent her childhood in a mud shack with no electricity and no running water. As a child, makeup was an outlet that offered a creative means to paint a view beyond her bleak surroundings. Khuraria used leaves to create henna colors for makeup. She was inspired at how the colors were so rich, opaque and filled with pigment.

Khuraira relocated to the United States to pursue her education and passion of makeup. This quickly led to a career working alongside makeup industry icons, such as Trish McEvoy and Laura Mercier. As a valuable member of Trish McEvoy’s national team, Khuraira traveled the world teaching women about the hottest makeup trends as well as helping them create their unique individual looks.

Later, as a national makeup artist with Laura Mercier and one of Laura’s personal assistants, Khuraira trained makeup artists in the art of achieving a flawless look every time.

In time and with vast experience, Khuraira decided to start her own color cosmetics brand. She saw an opportunity for a true makeup line for all women. Khuraira wanted to not only solve for beauty problems such as dark circles or discoloration on areas of the face and lips, but she was also inspired from concerned women who wanted to combine makeup with skincare that was quick, easy and long-lasting while still creating a flawless look every time. And so Khuraira created her own line and opened a boutique storefront to help create solutions for these women regardless of age, ethnicity or skin condition.

Khuraira’s humble beginnings are at the root of her cause-related endeavors to help make the world flawless one face at a time. Khuraira Cosmetics supports breast cancer survivors, sickle cell anemia, and education for African children.

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June2014005

 Age Control Primer

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June2014006

Age Control Foundation

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June2014007

Cake Sealant

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June2014008

HD Foundation

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June2014009

Invisible Powder

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140010

Age Control Dark Circle Primer

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140011

Age Control Concealer

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140012

Dual Camouflage

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140013

Through Cleanser

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140014

Balance Oil Lotion

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140015

Non-Alchoholic Astringent with Aloe Vera

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140052


Moisture Masque

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140017

Clay Masque

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140018

Rejuvenating Eye Créme

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140019

Eye Makeup Remover

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140020

Two Way Finishing Powder

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140021

Trio Eye Color

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140022

Lengthening Mascara

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140023

Thickening Mascara

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140024

Lash Conditioning Primer

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140025

5 Palette

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140026

3 Palette

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140027


Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140028

Shimmer Stick

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140029

Shimmer Powder

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140030

Stick Foundation

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140031


Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140032

Lip Gloss

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140033

Khuraira Musa at the 2014 Makeup In Nigeria Conference (MINC)

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140034

M.D Adejuwon Oluwateniolami of MINC & Khuraira Musa (founder of Khuraira Cosmetics)

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140035

Makeup Artists in Khuraira Airbrush Masterclass

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140036

Bloggers, TV reporters and Beauty Editors in Khuraira Airbrush Masterclass

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140037

Khuraira Musa demonstrating Airbrush application

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140038

Bayo Haastrup doing his Magic

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140039

Khuraira Cosmetics Models

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140040

Press interview of Khuraira Musa

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140041

Sharon Ojong for SPICE TV interviewing Khuraira Musa

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140042

Makeup Artists

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140043

Khuraira Musa, Opral Benson & Bayo Haastrup

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140044

Patience Legbeti, Khuraira Musa & Fati Mamza

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140045

Khuraira Musa & Makeup Artist

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140046

Khuraira Musa, Estel & Lizzy (pioneers of KPRO Airbrush System)

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140047

KPRO Airbrush Seminar in Abuja

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140048

Khuraira Musa with Makeup artist Dolapo Lucas (KPRO Airbrush trainer) Airbrushing Mimi Marwa at Deva Petals event in Abuja

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140049

Halima Ishaq (KPRO Airbrush trainer), Khuraira Musa & Hapsy Ibrahim (KPRO Airbrush graduate)

Khuraira Cosmetics - Bellanaija - June20140050

Khuraira Musa & Halima Ishaq with KPRO Airbrush graduates in Kano

Watch Khuraira & her cosmetics line in action below.

Makeup Artist Testimonials Around the Country

I got Khuraira Invisible Powder, Lip Glosses, Lip Sticks, Concealers, Dark Circle Primer, Blushes, and Eye Shadows. I have used them all and I do love ‘em!!! The lipsticks are wonderful. I love the pigmentation and how it glides smoothly on lips.”
Misykona, Lagos

Khuraira HD Foundation is one of the best I have seen in texture, color, durability…. The lipsticks and the color corrector are amazing.”
Fati Mamza, Mamza Beauty, Abuja

The powder, cream foundation, and stick foundation are soft and silky smooth, does not cake on the face and believe me when I say they are extremely suitable for the women of color and our temperate Nigeria.

The mascara (volumizing and lengthening) are to die for.
Dolapo Lucas, Bellezzafaces, Abuja

I love the K-PRO Airbrush System for my brides. My clients are happy looking flawless all day long.
– Hapsy Ibrahim, Kano

K-PRO Airbrush is the best I’ve used in my years of doing bridal makeup. The Foundations are lightweight and last for more than 12 hours. Other products of Khuraira Cosmetics that I love are the Brushes, Eye Shadows, and the Invisible Powder. Kano is in
love with Khuraira Cosmetics.
– Aysheer Musa, Kano

I have been using Khuraira Cosmetics products from Eye Shadows, Lipsticks, Invisible Powder, Dark Circle Primer, for two years on my clients and they are absolutely happy with them.
– Amina, Adamawa

I love Khuraira Balance Oil Control Lotion. It is very light weight, moisturizing, and gives your skin a matte finish which is perfect for your foundation.
– Barbara 1923, Lagos

I am one of the pioneers of the K-PRO Airbrush System and I am very happy with it. My clients love the flawless look it creates. The Invisible Powder, Dual Camouflage, and Dark Circle Primer are a makeup artist must have.
– Estel, Calabar

The Khuraira Age Control Concealer with peptides… I love this one, it covers up every spot and it’s a nice finishing for my brow. I used it as a concealer and highlighter.

To set everything on my face I used the Khuraira Original Invisible Touch Up Powder… it gave my face a nice finish, I also applied the Khuraira Sheer Finish Powder Blush.
– Sisi Yemmie, Lagos

Where Khuraira Cosmetics are Sold
Online Store:

Total Radiance Cosmetics ‘n’ Bodyshop
Address: Road 5 Suite J82, Ikota Shopping Complex VGC, Lekki
Phone: 08035821624 or 08023225939

Trendy Makeover Studio/Nail Bar
Address: 6 Gimba Road Jimeta-Yola
Phone: 08094566069

Address: Suite 383, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo Block, Garki 2
Phone: 08098001286 or 08069559833

Crestal Spa & Skin care
Address: 17B, Panama street, Maitama
Phone: 08057062268

Deva Petals
Address: 20B, Nile Street, Maitama, Abuja
Phone: 092915133

Mamza Beauty
Address: B26, The Valley Mall, Konoko Crest, Wuse 2
Phone: 08035051501

Khuraira Cosmetics is looking for serious wholesalers and retailers all over Nigeria. If you are interested email them at: [email protected] | Visit their website: | Follow them on Twitter: @khurairamakeup | Follow them on Instagram: @khurairacosmeticss | Find them on Pintrest: Khurairamakeup | Find them on Facebook: | Watch them on Youtube:
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  1. sum1special

    June 30, 2014 at 3:57 pm

    I am loving how light and natural khuraira make up is. We need to start toning down our make in Nigeria. I see too much heavy make up done on women. kills our beauty, seriously.

  2. nneka

    July 1, 2014 at 6:59 am

    What a beautiful success story, you can be whatever you want to be….just be determined. Lovely and proudly Nigerian


    July 1, 2014 at 11:34 am

    yayy!! that CLAY MASQUE is a MUST HAVE!!

    If you have Oily Skin, a clay masque is soo necessary!

  4. Barbara

    July 2, 2014 at 10:11 am

    Khuraira makeup is beautiful. I have used a variety of their products and they all deliver as promised. Plus Khuraira herself is a lovely and beautiful person.
    Go Khuraira cosmetics!

  5. Khuraira Musa

    July 2, 2014 at 4:37 pm

    Thank you all for your humbling comments and for being a part of this wonderful journey. ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Typearls

    September 19, 2014 at 10:03 pm

    The sky is your starting point

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