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Ehi Ade Mabo: A Dream Accomplished

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A dream accomplished is sweet to the soul.

It must be so frustrating to get up and go to a job you absolutely detest and dread …every single day of your life. It is even more annoying when you drag your feet to a dreadful job where you are neither appreciated nor valued.

Now, consider the combination of working a deadbeat job, in an unproductive environment, with angry people.  Add that mix to your poor attitude and bad environmental factors like unending traffic, and  in my case, done in extremely frigid temperatures, skiing to an office sometimes slipping on the ground a few times, only to tolerate people you do not care about and who do not care about your existence either…what a life!

When you reflect on the effort, struggle and energy that go into chasing someone else’s dream, at some point, it might be worth calling a timeout from the hustle to evaluate the cost against the price of your own dreams.

I often ponder on how hard we humans try and the struggles we face shedding blood, sweat and tears doing things and placing our priorities in so many efforts and the only problem? It’s effort in the wrong place! It is outrageous how much pain we endure to do the things that do not make us live happy, joyful or fulfilled lives. We pray, wish, desire, beg and cajole for jobs that do not get us closer to living a mindful or purposeful life.

Some of these initiatives take us far from our families, exert our physical bodies, wear us out, exhaust us, and suck the very life from us that we should ideally channel to do the things that leave us satisfied and fulfilled.

For some of us, the journey to our regular, average, ordinary lives is much more difficult than the journey to pursuing our dreams, doing things that exhilarate us and lift us to higher energy levels where our creativity and abilities functions at their best.

What is that dream that you have held in your heart for so long? What is that single cause that moves you and drives you and keeps your hope alive? We all have dreams. Each of us has an ambition that we have been called to and this stimulates us, it keeps us going. The thought of achieving it makes us excited. It could be a lifelong dream we have held on to since our innocent years as children; it may be a dream we were enlightened to as knowledgeable adults.

Regardless of how successful we are at the tasks we have engaged ourselves with, there remains a void – a portion of our hearts that remains unmoved and unfulfilled.  This is because the satisfaction derived from a job regardless of the monetary benefits cannot be replaced with the contentment we stand to gain from living from a place of purpose and a space of deliberate consciousness.

The point is not to make you despise your job or to leave you feeling crazy for having a job, but for you to never forget who you are and what your primary assignment is – especially if your job is not in tandem and alignment with your dreams.

If walking in your purpose and destiny indeed makes you much more fulfilled, happy and content, why then do you fail to pursue your own gigs even on a part time basis? Why are you so content and complacent with working under duress that yields significantly lower levels of happiness and joy; and in most cases, grossly underutilized with financial rewards that are often times not commensurate with your skills and inborn talents?

Why are you so petrified to invest in yourself? If indeed there is a freedom and liberation that comes with being occupied with something else, why then aren’t you as proud and determined to go after your dreams from 5pm-9pm? Why are you so caught up with sticking to your comfort zone of ranting and bickering about your employer and occupied with sending out job applications? Do you not believe? Are you not convinced that true emancipation can only come from that which is deeply engrained in your soul and that which gives you total and complete peace and even success?

How can you then make sure you are not running the rat rate and just going through the motions in a hurry nowhere?

Three ways to keep your dream at the forefront of your life:

  1. Daily remind yourself of your dream and purpose
  2. Meditate on the end result and indescribable feeling of getting to a destination where you are fully in charge, in control and in the drivers seat of your destiny and let that feeling of accomplishment drive you
  3. Keep your vision in sight, even if it appears to not be happening now remember little girls with dreams become women with vision. Always have it in mind, you can only work on it and succeed at it when it is in and around your radar

I will quote Lupita Nyongo in saying “No matter what your dreams are, they are valid” if I may add to that, “No matter what your dreams are, they are valid and worth chasing”

A dream accomplished is sweet to the soul, the equivalent truth to that is, a dream not accomplished is provoking and frustrating.

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For the last few years she has inspired and empowered men and women all ages and walks of life to rise above their challenges and be the best they can be. Whether you struggle with finding your sweet spot in your purpose, relationships, finances, brand and self esteem, or you just know life should be more exciting that it is now, you are not alone. Ehi Ade Mabo has continued to encourage and coach people of all ages to finding the zeal, power and Passion to rise above their current struggles, and live the life of their dreams. Ehi Ade Mabo Is a life Coach, blogger, writer, speaker and upcoming author. She is married to business consultant Ade Mabo. She is working on her debut book Rise Above the Challenge.

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