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Despite “Cease Fire” Agreement, Boko Haram Abducts 60 Women in Adamawa



Boko Haram 1 bella naija

It appears that the purported federal government – Boko Haram cease fire agreement isn’t working out too well.

You will recall that barely 24 hours after the agreement was announced, the insurgents attacked Borno and Adamawa.

And now, Punch is reporting that no fewer than 60 women were abducted in Adamawa on Saturday. It is unclear whether the abduction was part of the reported attacks on Borno/Adamawa, or an isolated incident.

Sources says forty of the women were abducted in Waga Mangoro while 20 were reportedly abducted in the Grata region of the state.


  1. ConcernedNigerian

    October 23, 2014 at 8:38 am

    My question is this, where did they get this large number of women to adopt at the same time?, Did they go house by house to arrest each and every woman till they got to that number? From the news i heard on a radio station this morning, it stated that they were just about 40women, so now which is which.
    Why are our media houses and journalist always creating so much sensation around this sect even when no one is doing enough investigative journalism to get to the bottom of the matter?
    Why do media houses chose to circulate a news around in the same manner but with disparity in numbers?
    Why do the media and radio station read a particular news from the same angle, in the same manner and very verbatim; case in point is the news on Polytechnic discrimination and review of bill/constitution as it regards to that. I tune into a particular radio, they are reading exact news that the last radio station i listened to read, in exact words; and when they play a clip on David Mark’s voice is the exact portion of the house deliberation that is being aired in all radio station. Am not a journalist so may be that is how its supposed to be done, but to me its lacking in creativity and it just tilt the masses/listeners in just one direction

  2. Tincan

    October 23, 2014 at 8:54 am

    Oh God! The darkness in the hearts of these people…

  3. mujer

    October 23, 2014 at 12:30 pm

    Not surprising.the issue here is that the powerless have seized power and returning it is going to be extremely difficult if not impossible because for once, they now knowhow to bring government to its knees. relinquishing power means they have to go back to being powerless. Question is whether there is a price for power. The work must be restorative. Start fixing the system to create opportunity. We have reached the stage where money alone is not as tasty because it only buys you commodities. Power buys you money, commodities, and note this -the ability to oppress and suppress at will. Oppression and suppression is all these people have known growing up, because of the wickedness of our polity. They will not want to return to their previous state of begging for alms or serving Alhajis. They can now instill fear in them and take at will what they were not able to touch not to talk of dream about previously. This is spiraling out of control unless the government takes the path b of denying them recruits. And please those in power don’t insult our intelligence. It’s not about money. It’s about hope and opportunity.

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