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Pepsi Celebrates ‘Pepsi Football Academy’ Position at COPALagos Beach Match against FC Barcelona



Pepsi COPA Lagos - Bellanaija - December2014009

Sunil Sawhney (Managing Director, Seven-Up Bottling Company Plc) & Norden Thurston (Head of Marketing, Seven-Up Bottling Company Plc) presenting a cheque of $7,500 dollars to Isiaka Olawale (Sand Eagles of Nigeria captain)

One of the leading sponsor of Copa Lagos 2014, Pepsi has expressed satisfaction with the performance of its team, Pepsi Football Academy (PFA) against FC Barcelona, one of the biggest clubs in the world in a match that ended 7-4 in favour of the visitor.

The academy made a come back from 5-0 but could not withstand the pressure from the experienced Barcelona team who kept on penetrating its defense.

Head of Marketing Seven-Up Bottling Company, Norden Thurston in an interview after the match in Lagos described Copa Lagos as one of the biggest beach soccer tournaments in the world. He said was amazed that such big event was being held in Lagos. He said the tournament has gone from strength to strength since it began in three years ago and that Pepsi was proud to be involved. He described the performance of the PFA against the FC Barcelona as impressive for an academy that started playing beach soccer for less than one month.

Pepsi COPA Lagos - Bellanaija - December2014002

Amanju Pinnick (President of Nigerian Football Federation), Dr Tammy Wenike Danagogo (Nigerian Minister of Sports) & Sunil Sawhney (Managing Director of Seven Up Bottling Company)

Pepsi COPA Lagos - Bellanaija - December2014003 Pepsi COPA Lagos - Bellanaija - December2014004 Pepsi COPA Lagos - Bellanaija - December2014001

He continued – “Never in the last three years has the academy played with one of the biggest teams in the world. I think is a fantastic achievement not just for playing against FC Barcelona but also scoring against them. We had opportunity to make it 6-5 when the score was 6-4 but unfortunately we lost 7-4. The academy has just started playing beach soccer for less than a month and to lose 7-4 is an amazing achievement. I am very proud of the academy and Pepsi as a brand, Norden stated.”

He noted that the opportunity to play Barcelona was a huge one for the academy. “When I was told that FC Barcelona was coming and that the PFA will have opportunity to play with them, I was exited.

Director Pepsi Football Academy, Chief Kasimawo Laloko said his boys could have done better but failed to take their chances. He said the boys had more chances than the visitor. He however said he was impressed that the team gave a respective performance. He explained that playing on the grass is different from playing on sand which the boys were not familiar with.

Pepsi at COPA Lagos - Bellanaija - December2014015Pepsi at COPA Lagos - Bellanaija - December2014009Pepsi at COPA Lagos - Bellanaija - December2014013Pepsi at COPA Lagos - Bellanaija - December2014008Pepsi at COPA Lagos - Bellanaija - December2014012Pepsi at COPA Lagos - Bellanaija - December2014011Pepsi at COPA Lagos - Bellanaija - December2014010Pepsi at COPA Lagos - Bellanaija - December2014002Pepsi at COPA Lagos - Bellanaija - December2014007Pepsi at COPA Lagos - Bellanaija - December2014004Pepsi at COPA Lagos - Bellanaija - December2014006Pepsi at COPA Lagos - Bellanaija - December2014005Pepsi at COPA Lagos - Bellanaija - December2014014Pepsi at COPA Lagos - Bellanaija - December2014003Pepsi at COPA Lagos - Bellanaija - December2014001Pepsi COPA Lagos - Bellanaija - December2014006 Pepsi COPA Lagos - Bellanaija - December2014007 Pepsi COPA Lagos - Bellanaija - December2014008

Chief Laloko lamented low development of beach football in Nigeria but expressed optimism that the involvement of Pepsi would transform the game in the shortest time. He however called on stakeholders in the sector to support the initiative of Lagos State Football Association to take the game to the next level.

Pepsi COPA Lagos - Bellanaija - December2014005

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