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BN Style: How to Rock – Culottes



It’s time for another edition of BN Style: How to Rock! The trend we are looking at today is a quirky mash-up of shorts and trousers – the Culottes.

This fab pair of pants are one of the most stylish pants out there right now and feature wide-rimmed hems and a tiny waist. Also called Gaucho Pants, they are a great accessory to make a stylish statement this Summer.

One of the reasons why we love this trend is because of it’s uber-chic nature and the fact that we can show off our legs and fab heels while rocking it.

So if you’ve seen this trend around and wondered just how to wear it, we are here to help. Check out 5 tips to help you rock the trend!


1. Rock it with a Crop Top
A major aspect of the Cullotes that has us loving it is its high waist – this makes it easier to rock with a crop top. If you know you’re not ready to go abs-out in your crop top, try rocking it now with some Culottes.

They provide just enough coverage and exposure to balance your outfit out and still look chic. Just ask Fisayo Longe of MirrorMe in her fab monochrome striped crop top and her ASOS Culottes in white.

How to Wear Culottes - BellaNaija - April2015003

Fisayo Longe of MirrorMe | Photo by Seun Davies

You can also steal Ranti Onayemi of RantiInReview‘s style with her white crop top that covers just enough to still work for an official event.

Ranti Onayemi of Ranti in Review

Ranti Onayemi of Ranti in Review

2. Cover Up & Take it to the Office
Culottes can also work for the work place – all you have to do is cover it up for a more professional look. We think the culottes can add a very chic edge to your look making you the centre of attention as you make your presentation.

Check out how Kela Walker of KelasKloset rocked her dark blue Zara culottes with a top and a leather jacket drdraped over her shoulders.

How to Wear Culottes - BellaNaija - April20150012

Kela Walker of KelasKloset

We also love Stella Uzo of J’AdoreFashion‘s satin culottes. They are chic and soft and can work great for the office.

How to Wear Culottes - BellaNaija - April20150022

Stella Uzo of J’Adore Fashion

3. Get Fab Shoes
Because of how high these pants are, you’ve got to make sure your shoe game is on point! This is your chance to make sure your Louboutins and fave shoes get the most shine because they will be on display.

Take a cue from Cherly of OhToBeAMuse and her fab Valentino Calf Hair Studded Heels.

How to Wear Culottes - BellaNaija - April20150015

Cheryl of OhToBeAMuse

Or from Nigerian fashion blogger Toun Ajibade of Tounaj.blogspot in her chic deep blue pants from her store and some gorge Louboutins.

How to Wear Culottes - BellaNaija - April20150018

Toun Ajibade of Tounaj.blogspot

4. Add some Colour, Texture & Print
If you want to rock the culottes in a simple way but still leave a lasting impression, try adding some texture, colour and prints to your look.

You can go for culottes that are bold and attention-grabbing like Soraya De Carvalho of StyleIsMyThing‘s fab Paper London pants.

How to Wear Culottes - BellaNaija - April2015006

Soraya De Carvalho of StyleIsMyThing

or like Kristabel Plummer of  IWantYouToKnow in her floral culottes and black crop top.

Kristabel Plummer of IWantYouToKnow

Kristabel Plummer of IWantYouToKnow

Check out a few more fashion & style bloggers and fashion lovers and how they rock their culottes.

Toyin Jolapamo of TheSohoSister

Toyin Jolapamo of TheSohoSister

Dodos Uvieghara of D'Artiste by Dodos/IAmDodos

Dodos Uvieghara of D’Artiste by Dodos/IAmDodos

Patricia Bright of PatriciaBright

Patricia Bright of PatriciaBright


Be sure to share how you rock your culottes with us on Instagram. Simply tag @BellaNaijaStyle and we just might repost.

Photo Credit: MirrorMe | StyleIsMyThing | IWantYouToKnow | KelasKloset | OhToBeAMuse | Tounaj.blogspot | JadoreFashion | TheSohoSister | IAmDodos | PatriciaBright | MyFashionWants | Ranti-in-Review

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