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BN Beauty: Fashion Week is Upon Us! Here Are the 10 Handy Beauty Essentials You Need



GTBank Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2014 Day 2 Street Style - Bellanaija - October2014021

Originally from LFDW2014 – This photo has been used for illustrative purposes | Photo Credit: Insignia Media

Fashion week is upon us! The Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2015 is right around the corner and we are filled with anticipation.

While this is a very exciting time for fashion editors, designers, fashion enthusiasts and bloggers, it can also be a stressful period. Dashing from runway to runway, prepping the models, catching cabs to retrieve forgotten items from hotel rooms, switching outfits…it can be a heck of week. The crazy thing is, while you’re doing all of this, photographers & videographers are catching it all live. They’re taking photos of the hustle and bustle of the day and you’re caught on camera looking a hot mess.

But not to worry, we’ve got something to help out. Today, BN Beauty will be sharing 10 must-have essentials you will need for the fashion week ahead.

From handy gadgets that will help keep your makeup and skin looking great, to products you can use to keep your makeup from running; here are our handy beauty essentials you should definitely have during fashion week.

Let’s work from the inside out. It is absolutely important to ensure you are well hydrated. Drinking water not only ensures your skin is well hydrated and makes sure you don’t pass out from dehydration, it also keeps you full until your snack break.

Water-Proof Everything
Speaking of water, you need to have water-proof makeup products in your bag.

Let’s paint a scenario – you’re dashing from Lisa Folawiyo’s showcase backstage to catch Deola Sagoe’s, and you are already feeling the heat of the sun. You notice you’re already sweating and when you check your makeup in the mirror, your mascara is all over your lower eyelid and making a steady course for your cheek. This could have been avoided if you had water-proof mascara on.

Sweating during fashion week is almost inevitable, so if you can’t beat it, why not prepare for it. Using a water-proof mascara, or any water-proof product for that matter, will help your makeup last longer, even as you do more running around.

Sun Screen
All that running around, standing, waiting in the sun can take a toll on your skin. So, while you hydrate and stay refreshed with water, it is important to also have a handy bottle of sun screen to keep your skin protected. It prevents sunburns, protects from harsh UV rays, dark patches and in the long run, cancer.

Matte Lipsticks
Matte lipsticks are trending right now. They come in all colours and last longer than oil-based lipsticks. This is why we think it is a definite must-have for fashion week.

Chances are you will be photographed more than enough times while on the move, so use a matte lipstick to add some colour and fun to your look. It will not wipe off easily, and you can save all that time you would usually use to re-apply your lipstick.

Hair Brushes
I always suggest having your hair parked or in braids during fashion week. This makes is very easy to move around and is less trouble getting hair out of your face as you work.

Just in case you prefer having your hair loose, you definitely need a handy comb or tangle teezer. A small comb goes a long way in putting strays in place and ensuring your hair isn’t ruined by tangled locks. You can easily run it through your hair while you’re on the move and look fabulous.

Blotting Paper
If you don’t take anything out of this article, remember this – you need blotting paper.

They usually come in small boxes, and have tons of paper you can use to dry up oily skin and running foundation. Simply grab one or two and dab gently around your face. It is guaranteed to give you dry and cleaner looking face in minutes.

Loose Mineral Powder
This is another great hack for getting your oily skin dry. You can easily pop this into your bag and run it over your face when you notice shine. This handy product also helps keep your makeup in place for longer with its drying capabilities.

Light Fragrance
We can’t state how important this is. Sweating while walking around, handling new fabrics, hopping in and out of show rooms, double kissing and hugging loads of people, can take a toll on your natural scent. You may think you have everything under control, but chances are nobody is going to tell you if you don’t smell right.

To get rid of the probable problem, you can carry a lightly scented bottle of fragrance with you. A bottle of 30ml would suffice – its small size wouldn’t take up space in your bag, and it can be very handy.

Side Note: Be sure to use a light fragrance so the smell is not too aggressive, which may cause people around you to have bad reactions to it.

Hand Lotion
This product is also very important. We cannot dispute the fact that there are those days when you rush out of the house, only to realize your hands, elbows and legs are ashy and unflattering. But no worries, a quick dab of hand lotion can fix that.

It will help keep your skin moisturized and looking good, and can easily be shared to help others out.

Friction Block/ Sole Sreum
Blisters can be so uncomfortable. The burning sensation this comes with can hinder your job, especially if it has to do with a lot of standing and walking around.

If you know that is the case, it would be best to use a friction block or a sole serum. These are specially made to prevent and relieve foot pain; be it from blisters or breaking in a new shoe. It also helps if you have band aids to cover up open blisters or cuts you may get while on the move.


We love beauty as much as you do. Share your must-have beaut products for fashion week.

Photo Credit: Insignia Media

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  2. Isaac Rufus

    September 8, 2015 at 6:03 pm

    Very nice. Your the best.

  3. nunulicious

    September 8, 2015 at 7:54 pm

    I wonder bout some things.
    Do Nigerians/black people pass out from dehydration? or its a white thing.

    • bolu

      September 9, 2015 at 12:02 pm

      yes they can but i think its more prevalent when you are not used to that type of heat. i have a friend who has been living in the UKfor majority of her life and is not used to very hot weathers so when the UK has hot temperatures (not as high as Nigeria) she has a lot of issues when dehydration and passing out. i also after living in naija then moving coming back one summer i had issues when i felt dizzy after staying in the sun, working hard and not eating. so i guess its more our bodies in naija are more acclimatized to the heat

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