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The International Education Fair 2016 is coming to Warri, Lagos, Abuja, Uyo & PH



Study Abroad - International Education Fair 2016

There are tonnes of reason why people to choose to study abroad but the most common is the education system. Education is the main focus of any study abroad trip – clearly you are there to study – and choosing the right school is a very important factor.

Asides being fascinated by the distinct cultural perspective, new foods, traditions, customs and social atmosphere of your host country, you also have better career opportunities as your new perspective on culture and skills garnered abroad are very attractive to local employers and very valuable if you decide to settle in your host country.

The reasons why people study abroad are limitless, come find yours at the 2016 International Education Fair, the biggest education fair in Nigeria taking place in 5 major cities across the nation.

The event provides an opportunity to meet with delegates from the Universities of Hertfordshire, East Anglia, Cardiff Metropolitan, Roehampton, St Georges, Swansea, Northumbria, Plymouth, Royal Agricultural, Navitas and Westerfield College for opportunities at foundation, undergraduate, university transfer and Post graduate programmes. You can get visa counseling, on-the-spot admission and affordable study options.

Attend the fair in
WARRI – Jubilee Conference Center – Saturday 23rd January 2016
LAGOS – Eko Hotel – Monday 25th January 2016
ABUJA – Transcorp Hilton Hotel – Tuesday 26th January 2016
UYO – Ibom Le Meridien – Thursday 28th January 2016
PORT HARCOURT – Le Meridien, Ogeyi Place – Saturday 30th January 2016

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1 Comment

  1. whocares

    December 23, 2015 at 11:42 am

    Unless your parents are ridiculously rich or you are, do not even bother with the UK… Look up UK immigration rules for student. Other European countries are faaaar better, So let me spoil market small -Herts, and these other universities are not even in the Russell group (the best universities in the UK- never heard of the last 3 sha) you will be attending lesser known universities, paying too much money(cheaper elsewhere in Europe unless your course is specific of course) whilst battling draconian immigration #isitworthit?
    If you must, amongst the other questions you have for them, ask them about scholarships and how they help their students concerning immigration (issuing you a CAS letter is NOT good enough- If for example your visa gets curtailed for reasons you cannot help in the middle of your education say you have one or two months to go will they let you continue?) do your research and grill them properly about these issues. Look up UK student immigration guidance before you go. Also ask if you will be allowed to change universities as well as you might find out that the unis are truly shit (pardon my french) and might want to move elsewhere. Ask how that will affect your immigration status and how they intend to help you. Make them be specific. Do not just collect their handouts and flyers.

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