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Viola Davis on Hollywood’s Lack of Diversity “The Oscars are not really the issue…It’s a symptom of a much greater disease”



Viola Davis

Viola Davis is also adding her voice to the ongoing debates about the Academy Awards and the lack of diversity but for the How To Get Away With Murder actress, the Oscars are not really the issue.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight she said:

“The problem is not with the Oscars, the problem is with the Hollywood movie-making system. How many black films are being produced every year? How are they being distributed? The films that are being made, are the big-time producers thinking outside of the box in terms of how to cast the role?” Viola continued. “Can you cast a black woman in that role? Can you cast a black man in that role? The problem isn’t even our pay. You could probably line up all the A-list black actresses out there [and] they probably don’t make what one A-list white woman makes in one film. That’s the problem. You can change the Academy, but if there are no black films being produced, what is there to vote for? Like I said, the Oscars are not really the issue. It’s a symptom of a much greater disease”

Do you agree with her?


  1. Oreos

    January 22, 2016 at 1:55 pm

    ?????????????? PREACH Queen PREACH!!!!

    • Ifeyinwa A.

      January 22, 2016 at 4:04 pm

      As blacks if we don’t help ourselves why should we expect others to help us? If we feel there are not enough black movies and black acting opportunities, we should create them by producing the movies and other channels ourselves. I know we have the money …’cause I see how we’re always so eager to let the world know that we have ACQUIRED private jet, rolex watch, latest Mercedes model, etc, we also rap about our gold teeth, etc.

  2. A Real Nigerian

    January 22, 2016 at 2:14 pm


  3. Samado

    January 22, 2016 at 2:39 pm

    I agree on almost everything especially when she says it is “the symptom of a much greater disease”, however she’s getting it wrong in my opinion. She asked “How many black films are being produced every year?”, basically what she’s trying to tell us is that it is a matter of number of movies produced. Well it is not!!!! Even if there is ONE SINGLE black movie produced in the year, if the movie deserves to be nominated/awarded, then why not do it?
    There are enough good black movies out there that deserve to be in the best movies of the year. And I’m saying this in full knoledge of facts: I’ve seen all the nomiated movies – I am no expert- and I sincerely believe “Beast of No Nation” should have made it in that list…
    When it comes to actors, the same thing: some of them (i.e. Dicaprio) deserved to be there but, how come Silver Stalone is nominated (for Best supporting actor) but neither Michael B. Jordan, the main character, nor Ryan Coogler, the director of the same movie are? Doesn’t make sense!!!
    Sp it is not a matter of not enough black movies are not being produced, it is a matter of they are not being rewarded/awarded even when they are good. Don’t get it twisted!!! (In Baganlee’s voice)

    • Chic_hijabi

      January 22, 2016 at 4:01 pm

      I actually don’t think she was talking about black movies being produced. What I got from that was more of a out of all the scripts and roles available how many of them can be played by a black person. For example, imagine “Titanic” and the two leading roles being played by black actors (it is an actual event, I know). I just cannot picture it, same thing with movies like, legally Blond, Pretty woman, imagine a black iron man, black Captain America, black hulk. The issue is when the scripts are written, they were meant to be one directional with white leads and anyone can play the supporting role just insert***random black, Hispanic or Asian**** If the roles or scripts were not one dimensional then anybody regardless or race can play leading roles

    • Blah blah blah

      January 22, 2016 at 4:36 pm

      I can actually picture a hulk though??

    • Dolly

      January 22, 2016 at 4:34 pm

      @ Samado

      Good write up, see she’s still making sense in not many black movies are produced. You might not understand that statement if you never check the nos. of big budget movies in Hollywood with all white cast or with little irrelevant/ stereotypical minority roles compared to big budget movies that has blacks in major roles. Viola just said it in a nutshell…..

      Oscars is not the problem but definitely a symptom of the disease,
      Hollywood studios is not even the major problem but part of the charade
      Screenwriters plays a major role in this epidemic for refusing to incorporate the real world we live now which is pretty much diverse and has every race stories intertwined.

      But then an average screenwriter out there will tell you “i can write a million screenplays with a diverse cast, or black cast but who’s gonna pick it up, when……10years -thanks I have bills to pay”

      This plague has a backstory, one that will continue to play out till we address the system.

    • ElessarisElendil

      January 23, 2016 at 1:04 am

      “how come Silver Stalone is nominated (for Best supporting actor) but neither Michael B. Jordan, the main character, nor Ryan Coogler, the director of the same movie are? Doesn’t make sense!!!”

      It does! Think of it like this why isn’t Messi the best player in the world nominated for African Footballer of the Year???

  4. semesee

    January 22, 2016 at 2:49 pm

    Thank God, Serena Williams , Usain Bolt and the other Phenomenal black athletes are not waiting for votes from a cartel that is 97% white. Dem for wait tire!!!

    • CurvesAndEdges

      January 22, 2016 at 7:00 pm

      But you see, the audience for whom the movies are made do not – when we really think about – care whether their favorite actor or actress wins an Oscar or two. I love Leonardo but he will not be less of a phenomenal actor if he yet again, does not win this Oscar.

      If you are acting only because of the Oscar you will an at the end of the day, that’s just a waste – unlike tennis and athletics, the movie industry is not a competition. Make a great movie, be a stand out actor, and people will remember you for ever, not because of the Oscar you won.

    • Celeste

      January 22, 2016 at 9:16 pm

      @ Semesee: You got it wrong dear.
      Serena william faces racism and discrimination as other talented African-American and coloured people. She is ranked world No.1 tennis player, but Maria Sharapova who Serena is far better than on court (Sharapova is No 2, most times) gets more deals and endorsement, and hence makes much more money than Serena. Serena responded, respectfully, about it last year, after a long silence (google it, if interested).
      Usain Bolt is Jamaican and he lives in Jamaica where they are predominantly blacks. He is world No 1 sprinter and everybody knows that. So if companies want deals and endorsements, they look out for him. He is competing with no white in America or Britain or where ever.
      Racism is real!

    • Celeste

      January 24, 2016 at 12:52 am

      @ Idoma girl:
      Maria Sharapova is white. They promote her because she’s white – and blonde too.

    • Idomagirl

      January 23, 2016 at 5:37 pm

      As in.

  5. isaid!!

    January 22, 2016 at 3:08 pm

    @ semesee, true talk, them for wait die!!!!!

  6. duchess

    January 22, 2016 at 3:09 pm

    the problem is from we black ourselves. why do we constantly look for validation from white people. nobody can take your self worth or respect from you when you don’t look for validation from external bodies.
    so, there was no black actor in the nomination, does it change the fact that blacks can act, No. our greatest satisfaction should come from within

    • Dolly

      January 22, 2016 at 4:47 pm

      Good example for you,
      You work at a diverse place that keeps awarding a particular race as the best employee of the month every time, yet you work so hard to contribute your quota to the growth of the organization. Will you say ‘fudge’ em or will you speak up?

      Oscars is the zenith for all actors, no other award show will measure up so that’s not seeking validation duchess, that’s confidence in pointing out whats wrong in a system.

  7. Bandele

    January 22, 2016 at 3:16 pm

    These “black artistes” honestly need to stop whinging about the oscars’ lack of diversity. Its ridiculous and quite frankly getting a little boring now. How many black artiste/movies are deserving of a gong this year. Lets put all sentiments aside and be objective. None in my estimation. Some had ok performances but that’s not what oscars are for. They reward excellent break out performances. Was Leo Di Caprio also black all these years that he was ignored by the Academy despite his stellar performances. Will Smith is one to talk. Everyone knows he’s not a method actor. Couldn’t even properly research his latest role as a Nigerian doctor and perfect the accent. Sounded like a cross between Mozambican and South African.

    I think these whinging stars ought to give it a rest now and count themselves lucky that are still working. There are so many decent out-o-work-actors who will gladly replace them.

    Isn’t the Oscars still the same one that rewarded the likes of Cuba Gooding Jnr for his excellent role in Gerry Maguire, Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, Forrest Whitaker etc: and most recently Lupita Nyongo-AN AFRICAN! in her first ever major Hollywood outing?

    Any time I watch the oscars I want to be reassured that the winners are selected based on their performance and performance only and not in keeping with some stupid quota system or affirmative action.

  8. GoodAxis

    January 22, 2016 at 3:56 pm

    I totally agree with Viola Davis if there are more black movies been produced then Oscar award could be given out to them….but when they are little or nothing then what should they nominate talk-less to vote for…..

  9. Rita

    January 22, 2016 at 4:08 pm

    Viollllllla! Preach! I love this woman. This black americans love to complain without reasoning. The only person deserving a nom is idris and abraham attah. The problem was academy does not nominate films made for netflix. Go and make your films, then talk. You want to show your face on scream and just get nominated. If she was complaining and saying boycott the oscars i would listen to her because this is the best black actress alive and does not have an oscar.

    • kadara

      January 22, 2016 at 7:16 pm

      mistakently like Rita’s comment, Bella Naija pls we need to be able to unlike things back

  10. Different Shades of Nigerian

    January 22, 2016 at 4:53 pm

    This is exactly why I agreed with Janet Hubert. Will Smith owns a huge production company but only produces movies for Himself, his family and a few friends. Nepotism at its peak. Why not use his money and influence to help other blacks shine, then his wife comes and says Boycott Oscars, maka why? When she is a big part of the problem. Although I still think Straight out of Crompton was snubbed and that was a good film (despite my dislike for rap)

  11. ForTheRightsOfMen

    January 22, 2016 at 6:00 pm

    As black people we should stop moaning. A part of me disagrees with the view that there is institutional racism against black people with the Oscar voting committee. I don’t agree with people who hold that view. If you work hard and succeed, your success will shine through and deep inside, when you know that you have done your best, you experience joy that winning an Oscar or any award for that matter cannot give you. Of course it is, and does feel, good to be recognised and celebrated by your peers, and that is what the Oscar in many way represents. Nevertheless with God’s grace, self-belief and confidence you can walk on cloud nine feeling on top of the world when you know you have done your best and that has given you success. Because sometimes committees, at various levels, cheat and are bias (from the committee that elects a class prefect in primary school to the one that elects a presidential nominee or candidate). And when you know you have been cheated it is a bitter pill to swallow, but you know you are stronger and a winner when you move on to do greater things, which you will. Recognition or greatness is not from without but from within. In my eyes many of the black actors and actresses are Oscar winners many times over. I am sure that in the eyes of their spouses, children, parents, friends and colleagues – with or without an Oscar – they are winners in the eyes of these people. And if in the eyes and heart of those who love you are a winner that is what really and truly count!

    • tiana

      January 22, 2016 at 8:37 pm

      yes yes yes – you said it all ForTheRightsOfMen

      Look at spike lee – he is a movie producer – why can’t he made a decent film, they all need to stop winging…… – imagine white people boycotting BET or something. All these so called actors are moaning yet they take the so called white man movie role if it is the right money – Will Smith has no right to moan – he is a @@SSS actor. Look at the movie his wife starred in this year – awful but she took the cheque though.

  12. Shagga

    January 22, 2016 at 6:43 pm

    Thank you viola!!!!!!!

  13. LETTY

    January 22, 2016 at 7:37 pm


  14. Anita

    January 22, 2016 at 7:47 pm

    @Bandele, yes black actors have received Oscars but of those performances, how many have been truly worthy?

    For instance, Denzel should have won an Oscar for Malcolm X , because his performance was the best that year, yet it was given to Al Pacino (probably because of the Malcolm X being a controversial figure). However, he was given an Oscar for Training Day (which is still questionable in my mind.)

    Halle Berry was given an Oscar for a movie I can’t remember, though I watched. Why? I think just to assuage black community. On the flip side, her performance in Dorothy Dandridge deserves a Golden Globe which she didn’t get.

    Angela Bassett gave the performance of her life as Tina Turner (What’s love got to do with it), yet I think it was Jessica Lange that won.

    Samuel L Jackson’s performance in Pulp Fiction was major bad a** and he clearly should have won yet it was given to dude from Ed Wood movie.

    Now the following awards given Denzel (Glory), Whoopi (Ghost), Forrest(Last King of Scotland), J-Hud(Dream girls), I agree with.

    Spike Lee should have received at least an award or awards from the following movies for directing, ‘Do the right thing’, ‘Malcolm X’, ‘Jungle Fever

    Best screenplay for “Boyz in the hood”

    Still don’t understand how Lupita got that award, I was confused but it shows you the power of the so called oscar buzz or more less fever that people get, which in turn translates to the contender getting the award.

    Side note; remember when Kirsten Durst was nominated for her performance for Interview with a vampire (which I completely agree it, because her performance was believable & excellent), why wasn’t Jurnee Smollet nominated for her riveting performance in Eve’s Bayou or even Keke for Akelah & the Bee?

    My point in listing some of the performances (there are others that can be listed) is that I want the Academy to be more transparent. How are the votes tallied or what is the final count after the award has been issued. Could this be excessive, hmm maybe. Are we being cry babies, hmm, maybe.

    Problem here is that people don’t want to think outside the box, and that feels weird writing that. Why can’t we have a “black hulk”? Is it because all your life you have only know hulk to be white. Remember there was a time all little girls played with white dolls because that was considered beautiful. Now, you see that even American Girl now includes black dolls. Or better yet, how many white parents will buy black dolls for their daughters, yet in Nigeria I am confident in saying 90% of young girls have white dolls.

    So if we are okay as black folks to think and say we do not have the talent to play challenging roles, then the major studios will not do a thing. 10 years ago, a white woman would have been cast for Viola Davis or Keri Washington’s roles, but execs now see that black woman are marketable, desirable and more importantly can act.

    Facts: Viola Davis as Julia Robert’s best friend in Eat Love & Pray, was originally cast as a white woman. Now, if you weren’t aware of that, did that affect how you felt about he movie.
    *Denzel was meant to be the lead actor in Philadelphia, which he turned down and Tom Hanks took the role.

    If film making is truly an art form, then a talented actor or actress can morph into character and deliver a memorable performance. Now if it is based on a true story and keeping the cast all white, all black, all asian, all latino etc is necessary, fine. If it is fiction, makeup does wonders and with the right cast (regardless of race), should how people should think.

    I don’t want a quota or awards given to appease a community. Black actors if given the opportunity and backed by major studios that can stretch themselves beyond the typical action comedy duo, baby mama drama, rap legend, etc.

    Tyler Perry even though I am not a fan of his movies has done considerably more by creating movies (Yes Madea) but hiring tons of “hungry” actors and actress repeatedly. Kudos to him for taking action.

    There are so many stories to be told, from different angles, perspectives and until we begin to stretch our minds, think outside the box and take risks, we will be left with mediocre performances and movies that I would rather watch on the tube than spend my hard earned money at the theater.

  15. MsTiLii

    January 22, 2016 at 9:33 pm

    My 2 cents:


    number 1 – the amount of black actors who get roles in Hollywood as a whole (whether its prime time tv or movies – and speaking of prime time tv, (=2014-15) they gave us Cookie, Olivia and Viola so they think we should be happy enough and jumping up and down.

    It is still not enough.

    That show FRIENDS was not all that yet, they were on for more than 10 yrs and paid millions per episode and still getting 6 figure reruns checks whilst they go ahead and cancel the cosby show (though not proven guilty yet) and take food out the mouths of all the cast of cosby show – so rudy, theo, ms phylicia etc all of them folks in cosby the checks have stopped coming. As in Zilch. na da

    number 2 – the type of characters blacks get casted for and even if they are nominated let alone win the academy’s the roles they give them awards for is either a maid, a slave, a prostitute (halle) , a thug (Denzel etc etc etc ) Such stereotypical nonsense

    (so far as Angela Bassett never won for Whats Love Got to Do with it,or Denzel won for thug roles but never Malcolm X, i have never cared about oscars ever since, I dont respect the Oscars. ) – and this is not even a white vs black, cos Leo is the only white man i love So damn dearly and after all his INCREDIBLE PHENOMENAL IMPECCABLE EXCELLENT PERFORMANCES FOR PAST 10 YEARS since Whats Eating Gilbert Grapes – they have never awarded him once, and that hurts me deeply -so so deeply . I love him l love his acting – there is no better American White Actor than Leo ( In my opinion), any one better are the British like Daniel Day Lewis and the many being British Method Actors

    In My Opinion the most wasted Academy Awards are as follows (i said In My Opinion – so to each his own)

    1) MONIQUE – Guinness book of records for the most useless wasted oscars ever of all time
    2) HALLE BERRY – Screwing a white racist character butt nekid (no double stunts) her acting was just ok, unless you are telling me the awarded her for her fking white man skiillls
    3) JENNIFER HUDSON (i believe in earning your keep and not just acting one movie screaming ya lungs singing and then you are awarded an oscar
    4) CUBA GOODING JNR (the most retarded role ever acting a bafoon “Show Me the Moneyy” all throughout and right after that win – the oscar curse happens just like it did halle, not being able to break a single box office after that – meanwhile Julia Roberts keeps working cos she is their SHERO.\

    5) as for the Whites I have uncountable list of those who do not deserve oscars, I will be here all day if i start listing them.

    Why the great likes of Cicely Tyson has never been awarded ever, I will never understand and as for Ms Angela Bassett she is my main reason for boycotting Oscars years ago after they robbed her off Whats Love Got to Do With it


    LETS TALK ABOUT YOUR DOUBLE STANDARD – Black Girls Rock, Black Entertainment Award, etc etc – I mean is your self esteem so downlow that you always have to insert black in everything. The race and color issue is like a disease in america, Like i always tell my friends i never knew i was black until i came to america back home I was just a human being. Then dont get me started on the dark skin light skin

    its like a recipe passed down from generation, i have heard 11 yr olds in the mall having the dark skin light skin hating on the light skin girl at school stuff. Obviously they got it from their mothers who probably cussing a storm at the tv watching red carpet and seeing her fav NBA start with a light skin or white woman on his arm.

    I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF THIS RACE ISSUE IN AMERICA ITS EXHAUSTING, I have visited Canada several times and that ish is not deep there at all. I think the race talk became worse and racism increased in america since Obama became president -that goes to show how much the whites hates blacks – but either way some of my friends in other EU countries eg Italy Germany etc said USA is better . Cos in those nations they wont talk about race, but they will put you in your place and know that whether you were born there or not Italy is for Italians, Germany is for Germans etc (i think Holland is a tad better). Just Like Idris Said – he is not complaining cos USA is better for him and recognize him more than UK and that’s the truth.

    Matter of fact am not done – let me finish with Spike Lee who pisses me off. He is always whining like a bitch, and we all know he could care less he is blacklisted as he has been for years in Hollywood now (and most likely Will will be too as Monique has been), But Please Spike shut up because you critique everybody but ya damn self. None of your movies have been Oscar worthy Except Malcolm X of which Denzel was also robbed of an Oscar apart from that, you just average. Instead of whining why dont you do like Tyler Perry and build your own production company. Call him (Tyler) mediocre all you want, he is still doing better than you even though you were in the industry more than 20 years ahead of him. He is still employing thousands of blacks in TV and Film and you are not,. So don tyou dare ever critique Tyler Ever.

    (drops mic – walks off 🙂 )

    Happy Friday – Happy Weekend everyone 🙂 – i just had to vent small 🙂

  16. oyin

    January 22, 2016 at 11:05 pm

    some of the BEST movies in the world are not even made in America- how many blockbuster larger than life CHINESE movies have you seen nominated? Blacks of all nationalities should take lessons from the Chinese on the art of promoting yourself without disrupting other cultures, they are simply making it happen–they start small, hire Chinese, produce Chinese made technology (although they stole most from the Americans). Point is YOU WILL BE TREATED BY HOW MUCH YOU WEIGH IN SOCIETY, we need to wake up and take care of ourselves. Whites are not against us per say, they are for themselves- Pro me not anti-you. Otherwise we will be asking for hand-outs forever and that is a slave/victim mentality.

  17. Busarni

    January 22, 2016 at 11:17 pm

    Please enough of these Oscar brouhaha; its high time African Americans stopped sulking like a silly child. The point is ; the whites are better in their acting skills .
    The nfl and nba are full of African Americans more than 70%; I don’t see the whites snubbing the Super Bowl or nba play offs. They should step up their games and quit seeking for validation which only shows how inferior they are.

    • Sylvia

      January 23, 2016 at 8:24 am

      Ur head is not correct at all! You said the NBA consists of more than 70% black players, meaning whites will consist a part of the remaining about 30%, isn’t it? Were they excluded from the NBA? Do you not know that white people own those NBA teams? Do you not know that the players are chosen on strength, agility and ability to play? Believe me, if there were white guys that could play half as much as Kobe Bryant and Lebron James, there wouldn’t have been blacks at all in the NBA. Now, you say whites can act better than blacks? Is it scientifically proven, because it’s in their DNA or something? All white actors are better than all black actors? My main problem with all these acting awards is, how is one’s acting capacity measured? I for one cannot understand the numerous awards and nominations Jennifer Lawrence has received. I’m a huge hunger games fan, but I don’t think if there is a recast on the role of Katniss tomorrow, I’ll be disappointed or anything like that. She’s a decent actress, but that’s just about it. Now, she was nominated for her role in that aweful movie Joy. Everything about that movie was aweful, but she’s Jennifer Lawrence, she always gets nominated. Are you trying to tell me there are no black actresses better than her? I just don’t understand how these award committees measure acting.

  18. ElessarisElendil

    January 23, 2016 at 1:18 am

    You simply cannot be good at everything!!!

    If the Oscars are a “symptom of a much greater disease” than what is the fact that since 1955 only 7 white men have been NBA MVP?? or that no other minority has been???

    No Nigerian has ever been NFL MVP, NFL has ‘N’ in it? Please where can I sign up to protest biko.

    The only non-white person to win a Nobel Prize in Physics is the Indian Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman in 1930, I believe only about 2 or 3 women have ever won. Physics is vastly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more important than acting, let’s get our protest on!! The Prize was first given in 1901!

    Black people are more likely to meet a violent end, now that’s a cause worth fighting for. Acting recognition can go find a lagoon.

    • Sylvia

      January 23, 2016 at 8:53 am

      In your mind now, you’ve made a sensible comment. Basketball players are judged on strength, agility and ability to score points.
      Same with NFL, has there been an outstanding Nigerian player that was not given the award?
      For you to have a Nobel prize in Physics, you must have done something very tangible and applaudable in the world of physics. How many none white people are even interested in “inventing”? I don’t mean making cars or ships, i mean something that has never been done, something outside the box. In your secondary school, if you did physics, were you allowed to carry out experiments yourself? Were you even taught how to carry out an experiment? How many Nigerian scientists invent things that can be useful to the world?
      Black people are more likely to meet a violent end? I’m sure you mean in the US.
      Now back to acting, athletes are judged by strength, agility, ability to deliver goals. Physicists are judged by their contribution to the world of physics and the world at large. Actors are judged by what exactly? Tastes of the judging panel or what? Because what I might call good acting might not be what you call good acting, you cannot compare it to athletics or physics that have clearly spelt out judging criteria.

    • ElessarisElendil

      January 24, 2016 at 1:32 am

      “In your mind now, you’ve made a sensible comment.”: I thought so, yours wasn’t bad either.

      “Basketball players are judged on strength, agility and ability to score points.
      Same with NFL, has there been an outstanding Nigerian player that was not given the award?”:
      You’re missing my point, that’s why I started with “you can’t be good at everything”, the reason for the high preponderance of blacks in sports is because a larger percentage tend to focus on it as opposed to say acting and physics, which is why whites have a higher majority in those areas. More whites are directors, screen-writers, producers e.t.c. Its not a race thing, merely the law of averages. If blacks started paying film the attention they gave sports, the results would be the same. Personally I think focusing on sports and film is counter productive.

      “Black people are more likely to meet a violent end? I’m sure you mean in the US.”: Statistically they’re more likely to meet a violent end in South Africa, DRC, Nigeria and most African countries, but hey protest the US ones and view the African ones as ‘normal’.

      Actors are judged based on the gravitas they bring to the role, other factors contributing include the quality of the director(think a Scorcese), the screen-writers, composers(think a Zimmermann) e.t.c. Since very few blacks are in these roles, it gives the whites a boost, again nothing to do with racism, you simply cannot be good at everything.

  19. hezekina pollutina

    January 23, 2016 at 11:11 am

    hmm…i am wondering if this oscar is racist brouhaha is not going to distract away from far more important movements such as blacklivesmatter. its important to pick your fights well. yes, maybe the oscars are a tad skewed this year, but really, this is not the most important issue on ground now. its interesting to see people freaking out about awards in this 2016, wtf? haha! so if you no get award you no well abi? mtcheww!

  20. Idomagirl

    January 23, 2016 at 5:40 pm

    I just want Leo to win this year.

  21. black talk

    January 23, 2016 at 8:55 pm

    This is not even a movie thing. It’s a black race thing. Black people all over the world are constantly needing help and validation from white people. When black people start getting into leadership positions – screenplay writers, directors of big movie projects nor just smallscreen, things will change!
    As an aside, if 10 white men came from American government to head Nigeria for a year..things will change for the better! I do think there’s something wrong with the black race as a whole. We need less complaining and more innovating.

  22. mimi

    January 25, 2016 at 11:01 am

    i too believe that there is a huge difference between black actors and white…… the whites are more innovative in their story telling, screen play, direction, production, acting. application of technology and all effects, etc in their movies. The whites have better distribution channel, larger production corporations, bank-ability and diversified movie roles and more appealing to the eye, marketable than black movies. The white movies have got bigger budgets and you name it!
    On the other hand, black movies have limited capacity in all areas from budget, production, direction, effects and so forth… Tyler Perry movies for example… and all other black movies luck substance! black movies story line is all about booty, baby mamas, thugs, cocaine, marijuana, comedy, slavery, etc….. very basic. So why cry for an Oscar…. !!!!!!

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