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Terrorists are Disguising as Fulani Herdsmen to Wipe Out Communities in the Country – Ijaw Youth Council



fulani-herdsmenThe Ijaw Youth Council, IYC have described the attackers on communities across Nigeria as terrorists disguising as Fulani Herdsmen. It said that their aim is “to wipe out some communities in the middle belt and southern part of the country.”

While frowning at President Muhammadu Buhari‘s silence, the group called on all communities in the Niger Delta region to remain vigilant.

Spokesperson of the IYC, Eric Omare said:

We are of the view that the attacks are being carried out by terrorists who are disguising themselves as Fulani herdsmen. The traditional Fulani herdsmen have been grazing their cattle for decades in different parts of the country without such attacks until recently when the attacks became persistent with the emergence of Muhamadu Buhari as President of Nigeria.

We also frown at the silence by the Federal Government. We are surprised that President Buhari has vowed to deal with suspected vandals of oil facilities in the Niger Delta region like Boko Haram but has remained mute in the midst of consistent massacre of Nigerians by Fulani terrorist.

We believe that the attacks by the so called Fulani herdsmen are deliberate terrorist acts with religious agenda to wipe out some communities in the middle belt and southern part of the country. We, therefore, call on communities in the Niger Delta region, especially the Ijaw communities to be vigilant and watch out for these terrorists who are disguising as Fulani herdsmen.

We also call on community and youth leaders in different Niger Delta communities to set up structures to prevent such attacks and also speedily bring such activities to the knowledge of security agencies.

IYC clan and community structures all over Ijaw communities in Nigeria have been directed to set up special task forces to monitor and report the activities of these murderers masquerading as Fulani herdsmen.

Source: Vanguard

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  1. Godwins D

    May 5, 2016 at 11:16 pm

    All that should be explained…is why are herdsmen carrying the same weapons ”dangeros weapons” that can waste lives.
    Nobody is a fool. Criminals are ctiminals because they have dangerous weapons for crime. Armed rober is armed robber because he is armed
    So if the herds men could carry the same weapons criminals and armed robbers carry accros the country….then who are they. Wisdom is judged by her children.
    And if the rganisational umbrella of the Fulani herdsmen is saying that it is not their people..okay..fine..let them sort thise people out by themselves. If there are terrrists in fulani dress as herdmen .they are in better position to sort this known mystry out. Some people are farmers…thats their occupation. Some are herdsmen. Farmers are one place. Herdsmen move. Everybody on his own business. Then why should herdsmen feed their cattle with the labour of others. The farmers dont kill cows to be used as manure in the farms. …so judge you the case. Famers dont carry sophisticated weapons in their why must the herdsmen carry weapon.s. Both the farmers and herdsnen are in the bush..each can meet wild animals. Tell the there any law that permt the herdsmen in Nigeria..Fulani or no Fulani to carry weapons of mass destruction? And same time forbids the farmers and people in other occupstions and profession not to carry weapons. Is there any group that has monopoly on arms carriage?or do some people just bend the lawand make sure they dont break it. Those who only bend the law go free. Some bend the law while others break the law. It is only those who break the law that face the law while those who bend the law go scortfree…is it? Remember..we are just reasoning together..LIVE AND LET LIVE.

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